Why do tiles need to be soaked in water?

by:MUZZI Tile     2022-07-03

Drinking enough water for the tiles can be mainly to prevent the tiles from falling off and cracking. For ceramic tiles, it should be fully soaked to make them drink full of water because if the tiles are not fed full of water, the water in the cement mortar will be sucked away after the tiles are attached, causing the cement mortar to dehydrate, thereby affecting the strength and serious It will cause the tiles to fall off. In addition, insufficient water absorption of tiles may also cause drying and cracking of the product itself. As for the duration of soaking in water, it is related to the original humidity and thickness of the tile. When you pick up the tile and there are many water droplets on the back, it is basically judged that it is saturated. Or there is a creaking sound.

But now vitrified tiles are popular because they are beautiful and hard, high-quality vitrified tiles have very high density, often low water absorption, and white bubbles when they are soaked. In addition, the size of vitrified tiles is getting bigger and bigger, and the weight has already exceeded the bond strength of cement mortar. Tile adhesive is an effective means to effectively solve the problems of vitrified tiles, such as non-absorbent, heavyweight and unreliable pasting.

Common tile adhesives on the market

Tile adhesive has the super-strong adhesion of cement mortar two to three times. It is not necessary to wet the wall with bricks for tiling. The use of tile adhesive can also significantly enhance the anti-seepage function of the tile layer. In addition, compared with the cement paste method of only sticking one brick at a time, the tile adhesive construction is more consistent. The tile adhesive can be applied to the substrate one square meter at a time, and then the tiles can be directly pasted on it, and the laying speed can be more than doubled. The thin-layer construction method with the toothed scraper can save one-third of the pasting materials, and can effectively prevent the hollowing of the tiles.

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