Which tile is best for a bedroom?

by:MUZZI Tile     2022-10-02

What tiles can be used in a bedroom? This must be a problem that many people who decorate their bedrooms will encounter. There are certain tricks to the choice of tiles in the bedroom. The appearance of the tiles should not only match the use of the bedroom but also match the decoration of the house. What kind of tiles are better for the bedroom?

1. Glazed tiles refer to tiles whose surface is treated with glaze. Generally, glazed tiles have richer patterns and colors than polished tiles, but they can also play a better anti-pollution effect. Because the surface of glazed tiles is glazed and has a certain glaze, the wear resistance is higher than that of polished tiles. Glazed tiles can also be divided into two types: porcelain glazed tiles and ceramic glazed tiles according to different materials, and can also be divided into bright and matte according to different luster. Light, generally bright tiles are more suitable for kitchens, glazed tiles can also be used for balcony bathrooms and bedrooms.

2. Whole body brick is also a good choice to use whole body brick when decorating the bedroom. Full-body bricks are not as much in design and color as glazed bricks. However, in today's era, the design selected in interior decoration is more inclined to some plain colors, so the application of whole body bricks is more and more widely, usually used for the ground of outdoor walkways, hall walkways, and other areas, but whole body bricks are usually not used for wall. Some non-slip tiles on the market now are basically full-body tiles.

3. Vitrified brick is a kind of fire from mud and quartz sand in a certain proportion. When the surface is polished, it will be polished like a glass mirror, transparent and smooth. Vitrified tile is a relatively hard material in ceramic tiles, but after polishing, vitrified tile will expose the pores of its appearance, and it is easy to penetrate some stains and dust. It is not recommended for use in the kitchen. Vitrified tiles are usually used in bedrooms, living rooms, or walkways.

4. Polished brick is different from the whole brick, the overall brick surface is rough, but the polished brick surface is smooth, the hardness is high, the wear resistance is good, the brick quality is very light, and the polished brick can also produce imitation wood or stone imitation effect, in addition to kitchen and Outside the bathroom, it can be used in other interior spaces and is also more suitable for bedrooms.

5. Antique brick is a kind of ordinary ceramic tile, but in the process of firing, the style of antique brick will be aged, and it will have a unique classical charm. Antique brick can create a nostalgic style in pattern style and overall color. It feels that antique bricks have good wear resistance and are more convenient to clean. If you want to turn your bedroom into a nostalgic retro style, then antique bricks are a better choice.

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