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When ceramic tile meets chinese style, the perfect fusion of modern and classical (takara)

When ceramic tile meets chinese style, the perfect fusion of modern and classical (takara)


Mysterious Chinese style,In recent years, it has been carried forward in different fields and radiated new fashion style,Unexpected fashion trends. The classical flower patterns hidden in the long river of Chinese culture,What kind of aesthetic presentation is there in modern times?

When Chinese style meets big brands
In ancient China, a large number of traditional flower patterns used on porcelain became the main element of fashion, which broke the boundaries of Chinese style and stepped onto the world stage.


When Chinese style meets stealing brick

The combination of elegance and masculinity, the combination of flowers and cement texture, and the perfect interpretation of the fusion of classical and modern aesthetics. High end materials and luxurious patterns,The flowing lines and elegant and unfolding flower elements are beautiful without self-knowledge.

Mural texture: Oriental mysterious beauty leaping on the wall
The intertwined flower patterns of flowers and leaves are treated with special processing technology to keep the classical texture of flower patterns. The three-dimensional flower modeling is just like the decorative effect of Chinese classical murals. The concrete base is not limited to one style, and is decorated with delicate flower patterns. The classic art exhibition is incisively and vividly displayed by the Muqiao steal brick series of Takara bricks.

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