When buying antique tiles, pay attention to these four points

by:MUZZI Tile     2022-08-25

Antique ceramic tile is a kind of glazed floor tile. The body is stoneware porcelain or stoneware. It is used for engineering building walls and pavements. Because the pattern has lines, it is similar to the actual effect of stone resin veneer after a long time. In response to so many antique tiles on the market, how should you choose?

1. There are a total of seven series of antique tiles in the European region, the original African state, mysterious Egypt, the ancient Indian style, the elegant my country, the kingdom of Babylon, etc. At this stage, the more popular products in the romantic European region and the elegant my country series are antique ceramic tiles.

2. The matching standard is that small-size floor tiles should be used in small rooms, and large-capacity floor tiles should be used in large bedrooms. In terms of visual effects, large bricks expand the surface, and small bricks can enrich and enrich a small indoor space; however, the prevailing development trend is still dominated by large bricks, because everyone likes a wider line of sight.

3. Color pattern design Color is the most famous element in design. Pattern design is also a sign of civilized behavior. It occurs on the surface of antique tiles, and it has the effect of icing on the cake on the wall. It also correctly guides our imagination and experiences the classical style. The more popular antique tiles at this stage are divided into solid color bricks and ceramic tiles. Solid color bricks are mainly used for large-scale laying, while ceramic tiles are used as decoration for part of the decorative design. The general tile pattern design is all hand-made and painted, and its surface is a glazed layer. The retro fashion contains a sense of fashion trend, and the simplicity and atmosphere are not lacking in key points. In addition, the retro fashion atmosphere is usually reflected in the brick decoration of slate material.

4. Quality There are many ways to identify the quality of antique tiles. The common ones are to measure water absorption, listen to the knocking sound, scratch the wall tiles, and carefully watch the color cast. A very simple operation method for measuring water absorption is to pour a glass of water on the back of the wall tile. The rapid spread indicates that the water absorption is high, and it is not suitable for use in cabinets and bathrooms. Because restaurants, kitchens, and toilets are often in a water environment, be sure to use Water absorption is very low. Good products will make a crisp sound after being beaten with a good hand. Even if a hard object is used to scratch the glazed layer of the brick, no marks will be left, the color cast of the same batch of bricks is very small, and the glossiness and texture are consistent, so it is suitable for large-scale The overall layout shows the actual effect of harmonious air.

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