What tiles are available in the market?

by:MUZZI Tile     2022-06-26

At present, there are many ceramic tiles to choose from in the market, and various ceramic enterprises have also launched their main brands. After systematic collection of the China Ceramic Tile Network, the ceramic tiles on the market are classified as follows. I hope it will be helpful to friends who will be renovating.

Floor tiles

Ground stone tile, ground vitrified tile, ground matt tile, ground polished tile, ground semi-polished tile, ground wood grain tile, and ground antique tile.

Interior wall tiles

Interior wall glazed tile, interior wall polished tile, interior wall microcrystalline brick, interior wall vitrified brick, interior wall matt brick, interior wall bread brick, interior wall glass brick, small size interior wall brick, interior wall antique brick, Inner wall culture stone, inner wall wood grain brick, inner wall stone grain brick.

Exterior wall tiles

Exterior wall glazed brick, exterior wall vitrified brick, exterior wall matt brick, exterior wall printed brick, exterior wall imitation stone brick, exterior wall antique brick.

Ornament bricks

Waistline, flower piece, lace, flower heart, foot line, corner tile, porcelain column, ornament, decorative painting.

Mosaic class

Ceramic mosaic, metal mosaic, glass mosaic, crystal mosaic, stone mosaic.

Special special bricks

Swimming pool bricks, square bricks, supermarket bricks, guide bricks, villa bricks, split bricks, municipal bricks, step bricks, acid-resistant bricks, building tiles, and anti-static bricks.

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