What should I pay attention to when purchasing ceramic tile products?

by:MUZZI Tile     2022-09-10

The styles of tiles vary widely, but the quality also varies. What should we pay attention to when purchasing ceramic tile products?

1. Look

The higher the gloss of the tile surface, the better the sintered compactness of the tile. Good tiles, the glaze presents a crystal clear feeling, reflecting the light like a mirror under the illumination of the light, poor tiles, the glaze is dull and dull.

2. Listen

Use one hand to separate the five fingers, and the other hand to tap the tile surface. The sound of good tiles with high density is relatively crisp and bright; the sound of poor tiles with low density is dull.

3. Fall

Good tiles are not afraid of falling tiles, and there will be no damage after falling vertically from the face, which is determined by the strength of the tiles. Good tiles have high strength, poor tiles have low strength, and will break when dropped. 4.—— Good ceramic tiles have high weight and good ceramic tiles have high density and heavyweight. They are relatively solid and have a uniform thickness. There are no defects such as warped feet at the corners. Poor quality tiles are relatively light in weight.

5. Wet

After the ceramic tile water absorption test is fired at a high temperature, the water absorption rate is low, and the water will not spread on the ceramic tile, indicating that the ceramic tile basically does not absorb water. But for poor tiles, after the waterfalls, there will be an obvious water absorption reaction.

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