What is the price of 750x1500 tiles?

by:MUZZI Tile     2022-10-01

Tile is a building material that we often use when decorating, and there are many types and specifications. Most people struggle with choosing tiles and don't know how to start. So what is the price of 750x1500 tiles?

How much is a 750x1500 tile?

The market price range of ceramic tiles of this specification is generally between 60-800 yuan/piece. Different tile materials and different brands have different prices. It is recommended to choose tile building materials that meet your budget.

What are household tiles?

1. Wood grain brick

Choose this if you like the texture and texture of wood floors. Wood grain bricks greatly restore the effect of wooden boards, which are realistic and beautiful, safe and environmentally friendly.

2. Marble tiles

The beauty of natural marble is more artificial than other ceramic tiles, has a strong anti-fouling ability, and has a longer service life than other ceramic tiles.

3. Cement brick

If you like a simple style, you can choose cement tiles. The overall color of cement bricks is gray. Generally speaking, the home environment created by cement bricks is relatively pure, full of literary and artistic sense, and makes people feel simple and straightforward.

4. Soft light brick

The gloss of soft light bricks is generally between 20 and 70 degrees, which can not only create an artistic visual space but also bring visual comfort and pursue visual comfort.

5. Mosaic tiles

Mosaic was popular long ago, and this year it went red as an emerging online celebrity tile. It's colorful and looks full of character and full of vintage looks.

6. Antique brick

Antique tiles are tiles imported from abroad, with some retro-style patterns on the surface, simple and elegant colors, and easy to identify from the appearance. Its strength is relatively high, it is more slip-resistant and wear-resistant, but it is difficult to match.

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