What are the three major misunderstandings of ceramic tile purchase?

by:MUZZI Tile     2022-09-07

In this issue, we will talk about the three major misunderstandings of ceramic tile purchases.

Mistake 1:

Guangdong bricks must be the best. Compared with many owners who buy ceramic tiles, they have more or less heard the recommendations of people around them. When buying ceramic tiles, choose Guangdong bricks. Indeed, Guangdong was the first to start the ceramic industry in China. It not only has abundant and high-quality raw material resources, but also the influx of various talents, as well as strict internal control enterprise standards for ceramic tile products, all of which make Guangdong ceramic tiles world-renowned. . However, for the same Guangdong tiles, not necessarily the quality of the tiles produced by each factory is of high quality.

Many tiles shipped from Foshan are not even necessarily produced in Guangdong. It is precise because of the great reputation of Guangdong tiles, especially the tiles in Foshan, that they are first-class in large areas in terms of production scale and technical level. Therefore, many tiles produced by small factories in Jiangxi, Fujian, Shandong, and other places will be packaged. It is sold in Guangdong, and the packaging is written in Foshan, Guangdong. In this way, it is difficult to guarantee the quality of the tiles. Therefore, if you want to choose high-quality Guangdong bricks, you have to learn to distinguish between true and false. The real Guangdong brick will have the production address written on it. The state stipulates that the production address cannot be marked indiscriminately, and there is also a 3C certification mark affixed or printed on the back of the tile, which is a sign that the product has passed the quality certification.

Each mark has a corresponding code, and consumers can inquire according to the national quality certification system. However, the fake Guangdong bricks often just write the marketing address on the packaging, and some do not even write the phone number or 3C certification mark.

Mistake 2:

The thicker the tile, the better. Many people think that the thicker and stronger the material, the better. In fact, the thicker the tile is, the better. Of course, thin tiles also have shortcomings, they are easy to crack or damage and the bearing capacity and damage resistance are relatively poor, but too thick tiles are often difficult to sinter, which also means that the tiles are easy to be sintered incompletely and there will be a black center in the middle. Water absorption is high. In fact, the country has a unified standard for the thickness of tiles.

So it's not that thicker tiles are better, thicker tiles are stronger. The thickness should not be a parameter to consider the quality of tiles. Too thick tiles will waste resources. On the contrary, we should pay more attention to the flatness, bearing capacity, and water absorption of the tiles.

Mistake 3:

The whiter the tile embryo, the better the quality. I don’t know if you have noticed. The whiter the ceramic tableware, the more expensive it will be. Therefore, many people think that the whiter the tile embryo, the better the quality, because the whiteness is The brick embryo has few impurities and is relatively pure. In fact, the truth is not so. Different places of origin and different raw materials will affect the color of brick embryos to a certain extent. The whiteness of the tile body is not necessarily proportional to its quality. We cannot use this alone to measure the quality of the tile.

Besides, the raw materials of red blanks in our country are more abundant than the raw materials of white blanks. The reason why we see some white blanks when purchasing ceramic tiles is that some high-end ceramic tiles have more detailed and fired impurity removal processes. The time is longer than that of ordinary bricks. In fact, in many cases, it is just because the manufacturer has done tricks on it.

They will add excess zirconium silicate to the mud to improve the whiteness of the green body, and once the non-toxic, odorless white or off-white powder of zirconium silicate exceeds the limit value, it will be harmful to the human body. It will increase the radioactivity of the tiles. So many times you see that the whiter the body of the tile is, in fact, it is not necessarily the better the quality, but it is a time bomb for your own health, so don't pursue the ultra-white base.

In short, choosing tiles is definitely a science. It is recommended that you do more homework when decorating, so as not to be easily misled and spend money unjustly.

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