What are the selection methods of tiles?

by:MUZZI Tile     2022-09-12

When you go to buy tiles, if you are a rookie, I will teach you a few simple tricks. Generally, wall tiles in the industry are called porcelain floor tiles are mostly polished tiles. After entering the store, don't ask how much a wall tile and floor tile cost per square meter, you should ask how much a tile is, how much a polished tile is, and the merchants with several professional names will not dare to slaughter you. The selection method is basically similar: one look, two listens, three weighs, four drops of water, and five feet.

1. Look at the appearance

The color of the tiles should be uniform, the surface finish and flatness should be good, the surrounding rules should be regular, the pattern should be complete, no color difference, no deformation, no black spots, and no obvious impurities. Also depends on the embryo density.

2. Listen to the sound

Tap with a hard object, the more crisper the sound, the higher the degree of porcelain and the better the quality. You can use your left thumb, index finger and middle finger to clamp the corner of the tile, hang it down easily, tap the middle and lower part of the tile with your right index finger if the sound is clear and pleasant to the ear, it is the top grade, if the sound is dull, and the turbidity is the low grade. You can also use your fingers to support the brick body, and tap the brick with the index finger or middle finger of the other hand to listen to the sound of the brick.

3. Weigh the weight

Judging the density of bricks by weighing the weight, the heavier the better under the same volume, and the smaller the better under the same weight.

4. Water drop test

You can drop water or tea on the back of the tile to see how fast the water infiltrates after the water disperses. Generally speaking, the slower the water absorption, the higher the density of the tile; on the contrary, the faster the water absorption, the sparser the density, and its intrinsic quality is the former. excellent.

5. Measure

The higher the accuracy of the side length of the tiles, the better the effect after paving. High-quality tiles are not only easy to construct, but also save man-hours and accessories. Use a tape measure to measure whether there is any difference in the size and periphery of each tile, and the one with high accuracy is the top grade. You can also measure the two diagonals of the brick to see if the two diagonals are equal and whether it conforms to the length of the hypotenuse in the Pythagorean theorem.

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