What are the characteristics of good quality tiles?

by:MUZZI Tile     2022-09-06

The quality of tiles is uneven, which is one of the chaos in the current tile market. The reason why this happens is mainly that there are too many ceramic tile products today, both good and bad, and ordinary consumers cannot distinguish the quality of ceramic tiles well. Let's take a look at the characteristics of good quality tiles below.

1. First of all, there will be clear signs and information on the packaging box or product manual of good quality tiles. This information includes the material, specifications, and quantity of the tiles, as well as the tile production address, production batch, and anti-counterfeiting signs.

2. The packaging is in place. Secondly, ceramic tiles are generally sold in the whole box. If the packaging box of the tiles is found to be damaged when receiving the goods, if the packaging box is damaged, it is easy to cause the tiles in the box to be broken or scratched.

3. Reasonable price Finally, although the price has the most direct relationship with quality, it is not the only criterion for determining the quality of ceramic tiles. Moreover, the price and quality of many tiles on the market are not positively correlated. Therefore, the price of high-quality tiles must be worthy of scrutiny, not arbitrarily priced.

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