What are the advantages of polished tiles?

by:MUZZI Tile     2022-08-05

Polished tiles have the layered sense of natural marble, and have the advantages of high brightness, high toughness, super wear resistance, low water absorption, less color cast, diversified specifications and models, and rich colors. This kind of high-toughness, high-density large-scale ceramic glass bricks, in addition to various changes in the outer shape, the decorative design can have the effects of sound insulation, noise reduction, heat insulation and heat preservation on the inner wall of the building, and it is more Natural marble is lightweight.

The material is well-proportioned and high in density, high in compressive strength, and stable in organic chemical properties. Its high-quality physical and chemical properties come from its macroscopic structure. And the porcelain polished tile made of contemporary production technology, its color, pattern design, gloss, etc. can be manipulated by human factors, with an excellent decorative effect. Moreover, the products are a combination of European classical and modern Chinese styles, with a variety of colors. Whether the decoration is designed in the room or outdoors, they all have a contemporary atmosphere.

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