What are the advantages and disadvantages of tiles?

by:MUZZI Tile     2022-09-13

Tile is the most indispensable material in home decoration. When you choose it, you can't tell it apart at all. According to the classification, there are polished tiles, vitrified tiles, glazed tiles, antique tiles, whole tiles, microcrystalline, fully glazed tiles, etc. There are more if you subdivide them. These are the most common in home improvement.

1. Advantages of polished tiles: There is basically no color difference in the same batch of polished tiles. They are made of natural stones, which are minerals and have not been sintered at high temperatures. Long-term exposure is not harmful to the human body, and they are high in weight and strength. Disadvantages: Polished tiles are easy to get dirty, not easy to clean, and the surface is very smooth. Once there is water on the ground, be careful when walking, as you may fall at any time.

2. Advantages of glass bricks: Vitrified bricks have bright and soft color, no color difference, stable performance, strong corrosion resistance and stain resistance. Disadvantages: Vitrified tiles vary in density and strength due to their natural formation, time and degree of weathering. After two years of use, they can lose their luster and have a rough surface that is difficult to clean.

3. Advantages of glazed tiles: The surface colors and patterns of glazed tiles are rich and colorful, and the glaze layer has good stain resistance. Disadvantages: Since the glazed tile is composed of two parts, the bottom blank and the thinner glaze layer on the surface, if the glaze layer is damaged, it will seriously affect the appearance and anti-fouling performance.

4. Advantages of ancient bricks: The surface of antique bricks has a thick layer of glaze, which has good antifouling performance, good slip resistance, rich colors, and can also be made into various shapes on the tiles. Disadvantages: Due to the glaze on the surface of antique tiles, it is not easy to do deep processing such as chamfering and edging, and the water absorption rate is higher than that of polished tiles.

5. Advantages of whole body bricks: One-piece bricks are the most cost-effective on the market, with rich colors, affordable prices, and good wear resistance and slip resistance. Disadvantages: Although the whole brick is rich in color, the texture is relatively simple, which cannot satisfy consumers who are currently pursuing individuality.

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