What are the advantages and disadvantages of microcrystalline tiles?

by:MUZZI Tile     2022-07-27

Microcrystalline stone tiles are high-tech products in the field of floor tile raw materials. What are microcrystalline tiles? Microcrystalline stone, also known as ceramic material porcelain sandwich panel, is a high-tech composite material that is closely combined with laminated glass and microcrystalline. The surface layer of the microcrystalline stone tile is crystal clear and translucent, of course, it is dynamic, colorful, and has a unique level. The actual effect of the decorative design is very beautiful. Generally, microcrystalline ceramic tiles are divided into three types in the industry. The first is non-porous microcrystalline ceramic tiles without exhaust ports, the second is not faded overall microcrystalline ceramic tiles, and the third is composite microcrystalline ceramic tiles with a surface layer of porcelain polished tiles. Stone tiles.

The advantages of microcrystalline stone tiles The first advantage of microcrystalline stone tiles is that in their layered level, the extremely high smoothness and gloss, and the return light of the nano-crystalline structure have become symmetrical and mild. It gives the impression that it is very crystal clear and translucent, and it makes the whole house colorful when assembled. The second advantage of microcrystalline stone tiles is that the organic chemical properties are stable, not easy to fade, resistant to strong acid and alkali, and resistant to aging. compressive strength.

The third advantage of microcrystalline stone tile is that its anti-fouling properties are very good. The water absorption of microcrystalline stone tile is very low, and the pollutants are not easy to penetrate, and the pollutants left on the surface are easier to clean and convenient. Cleaned up. The fourth advantage of microcrystalline tile is that it has no radioactive substances. This is because there are no radioactive substances in the production process of the raw materials, so its entire production process is the production of non-radioactive substances. process. Defects of microcrystalline stone tiles The first defect of microcrystalline stone tiles is that the hardness of the crystal jade layer on its surface is too low, and it needs to be one to two levels lower than the usual floor tiles.

Such compressive strength is very low in the field of home improvement materials. Its second defect is that the surface layer is easy to cut because the compressive strength of the surface crystal jade layer is low, the surface layer is smooth, and the light transmittance is high, so it is very easy to cause scratches and will change. very conspicuous.

The price of microcrystalline stone tiles is very expensive in the field, and it belongs to high-end home improvement materials. On the one hand, its high price is due to the complexity of its own technology, and on the other hand, because it uses relatively high-end raw materials, the cost price has risen. Usually, the price per square meter of microcrystalline tiles on the market at this stage is between 200-4000.

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