What are diamond tiles? What are the advantages and disadvantages of diamond tiles?

by:MUZZI Tile     2022-06-19

Diamond tiles are the product of competition with traditional full-polished glazed tiles. The essential reason for the rise of diamond tiles is that the market for full-polished glazes is very large. The competition is also fierce, and ultra-flat glazes are actually not very good. Open the distance from the full glaze, so the diamond tile comes out. However, while the market is selling so far, there are still many people who do not know what diamond tiles are? What are the advantages and disadvantages of diamond tiles?

What are diamond tiles?

Diamond tile is a product of secondary firing super crystal technology. It is an upgraded version of a super flat glaze, with 0 water ripples, which completely solves the flatness problem of traditional full polishing glaze. Compared with the traditional full-polished glaze, which is soft-polished (thinly thrown), the super spar is hard-polished, which makes the glaze smoother. Compared with the single glazing of the super flat glaze, the diamond tile adopts the secondary firing super crystal technology and the secondary glazing process, which makes the glaze layer thicker, the hair color is more uniform, the surface color is smoother, the transition is more natural, and the color is natural. more beautiful.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of diamond tiles?

Advantages of diamond tiles:

0 Water ripple: The diamond tile adopts the industry-leading secondary firing super crystal technology, ds crystallized glaze multiple glazing process, and 1180-degree high temperature and constant temperature secondary firing, which completely eliminates the generation of water ripples, and the product is harder and flatter, the surface presents a perfect mirror effect, shining like a diamond, giving a noble and luxurious visual experience.

0 dirt absorption: The mature secondary firing super crystal technology of diamond tiles makes the bottom of the diamond blank harder, the physical properties are more stable, and it is not easy to absorb dirt. The unique 360 u200bu200bsealing glaze technology makes the product anti-fouling in 360 degrees and completely eliminates the phenomenon of product absorbing pollution.

Super wear resistance: The super wear resistance of diamond glaze diamond is due to its unique ds crystallized glaze multiple glazing process. The special crystallized glaze layer is thicker and more wear-resistant than the ordinary glaze layer. Don't be afraid of scratching flowers at home and grinding flowers on the sand. After going through hardships, you will always remain the same as when you first started.

High brightness: The diamond glaze diamond uses ds crystallized glaze with better crystallinity and light transmittance for multiple glazing, which makes the product obtain higher brightness. The surface brightness reaches 103 or more, like a mirror surface, flat and bright, shining like a diamond, bright and brilliant, not only makes the application space appear brighter and more spacious, but also adds a noble and luxurious feeling.

Disadvantages of diamond tiles:

1. The thickness of the glazed surface of diamond tiles is equivalent to that of thin microcrystalline ceramic tile products, which is thinner than that of microcrystalline stone.

2. The popularity of diamond tiles in the market is still relatively low, and there are few manufacturers.

Summary: It is recommended for market consumers to compare more diamond tiles when buying diamond tiles. Generally speaking, diamond tile products produced by well-known manufacturers are sufficient for household use. I think these well-known manufacturers produce diamond tiles. The diamond tile technology is mature. The market is highly accepted, and it is more reliable to use.

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