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by:MUZZI Tile     2022-07-10

It is difficult to remove the dirt on the tiles, which troubles many people. It is the same as accidentally getting a piece of oil on brightly colored clothes, which makes people difficult to let go of. So, why do the tiles in your home turn flowery? How can we effectively protect the tiles and make them look like new for a long time? In this regard, I will introduce to you how to maintain the tiles.

Part1: A good helper for tile anti-rust vitamin C

The humidity in the kitchen and bathroom is unavoidable, and it will leave rust on the tiles near the water pipe. In fact, the rust can be prevented and removed.

FAQ: Difficult to clean scale and rust

Water pipes in kitchens and bathrooms often use water. Over time, behind the water pipes, or in places where water is often encountered, the tiles are prone to yellow rust or scale, which is difficult to clean.

Solution: Scrub with Vitamin C

The rust on the tiles can be removed by washing with a 2% oxalic acid solution, and then wiped with clean water. In addition, 3-4 vitamin C tablets can be crushed into powder, sprinkled on the surface of the tile, and then scrubbed with water several times to remove rust stains.

Maintenance Tips: Rust Prevention Starts with Protection

1. For the tiles behind the water pipes that are easy to rust, you can use a rust inhibitor or a professional rust remover to prevent rust and remove rust.

2. Partial polishing, coating, grease, anti-rust oil, and other methods are carried out on the tiles that are prone to rust to prevent rust.

Part2: Acid cleaner tile oil and stain resistant

The prevention of oil pollution in the kitchen is undoubtedly the use of tiles, provided that poor-quality tiles are not used. Because the density of the porcelain is not enough, it will penetrate water and absorb oil stains, which will lead to bigger problems!

FAQ: Difficult to clean up oil stains

The kitchen is the place with the most serious oil stains, and it is inevitable that there will be oil stains on the tiles in the kitchen, especially in the gaps where there is a thick layer of oil stains that are difficult to remove.

The Solution: Acidic Cleaners Help

It is useless to remove oil alone for the oil stains left on the tiles for a long time. If the oil stains on the tiles or on the gaps are really thick, use a shovel to shovel it first, or use a steel ball to clean it first to make it thinner After cleaning, it can be cleaned with acidic or dissolved ingredients.

Maintenance tips: material selection and installation is the key

1. Use vitrified tiles in kitchens and other places with serious oil pollution, which have a good oil-proof effect and good visual effect.

2. Paste the oil-proof sticker on the tile with heavy oil pollution, use the beautifying agent in the gap of the tile, and apply it to the joint of the tile, which is both beautiful and oil-resistant.

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