Tile collage 6 types

by:MUZZI Tile     2022-07-11

There are many colors of tiles, whether it is the whole wall of single-color tiles or the collage of multi-color tiles, different paving methods can receive unexpected decorative effects, simple and exquisite, classic and trendy, 6 kinds of tile wonderful paving, see which one belongs to your Style.

The black tiles are painted with irregular POP patterns, and the red, gray, and blue circles overlap as if they were written by children, which is quite childish. The combination of black sternness and brilliant innocence makes this wall the space's focus.

The colorful striped tiles are particularly eye-catching in the main color of pink. They are gentle yet unrestrained. The tiles are not arranged in accordance with the rules, and the ingenious color combination brings people a visually scattered feeling, which makes the bathroom Full of three-dimensionality, like the colorful building blocks erected on the wall, the interest in the space arises spontaneously.

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