Three points to pay attention to when buying floor tiles

by:MUZZI Tile     2022-08-24

How to buy a suitable floor tile, you must know some main selection methods in advance. Here I have compiled many experience methods at the purchasing level for us, and give you three things to pay attention to so that you can buy a floor tile with peace of mind and peace of mind. And cozy and warm.

A note: distinguish the different types of tiles and choose the most suitable floor tiles for the site. There are about four kinds of direction divisions: First, polished tiles, porcelain tiles made of continuous high-temperature firing, have high strength, and can be made of porcelain. The surface of polished tiles is very bright without grinding and polishing, which can be more durable. Glazed tiles and polished tiles are very good-looking and have high wear resistance, especially the stone cubic meter polished tiles released by Xinghui Ceramics, which have achieved the actual effect of imitating stone tiles, systematic small texture, strength, and relative density. The largest level at this stage is very suitable for large living room paving applications.

The second is the glazed tile, which is a wall tile made of pottery clay or porcelain clay and poured with enamel.

The third is the glazed tile, which is not glazed. After firing, the surface is polished and polished, and there are lines inside and outside; the fourth is the glazed tile, which is polished and polished, thin and light but hard. After distinguishing the types of floor tiles, you can actually choose them according to the natural environment of the application. For example, it is best to choose glazed tiles with non-slip and easy-to-clean floors for restaurant kitchens and sanitary ware bathrooms. In addition, there are also Zhuoyuan physical and mental health stones, antique tiles, ceramic mosaic tiles (Mosaic), etc. 

Two points of attention: Carefully select quality first, choose the best choice in many aspects and hire the ceramic industry not long ago. The only thing that needs to be happy is that, except for a very small number of well-known brands, various leading ceramic tile brands in my country are in quality. The above is in line with our country's testing standards, and well-known brands such as Zhuoyuan Ceramics were still awarded the title of quality, safe and honest enterprise at that time. Therefore, when buying floor tiles today, the quality of the bricks and the physical and mental health of environmental protection are also very important. After knowing the types of ceramic tiles and the necessary types, you can check whether some brands of floor tiles are solid in various performance indicators. Whether there have been product quality problems, etc., the key testing standards include wear resistance, water absorption, strength, stain resistance, yardage, color cast, etc., each of which should not be careless.

The wear resistance is divided into five degrees, from low to high, and the fifth degree belongs to the high wear resistance. Generally, it is not necessary to decorate the house. The bricks used for home decoration can be selected between the first degree and the fourth degree. Water absorption also affects the application of floor tiles. Floor tiles with high water absorption result in low relative density and loose brick holes, which are not suitable for application in areas with frequent theme activities to prevent moisture absorption and scaling, which is not suitable for removal; wall tiles with low water absorption are Due to high relative density, it has the high waterproof and anti-fouling working ability. The strength immediately threatens the service life of the floor tiles, which is very important. You can use the method of tapping and listening to the sound. The crisp sound indicates that the quality is good and it is not suitable for deformation and crushing.

Three points to note: Master the concept of whole-house custom home design, follow fashion trends, and highlight the personalized taste. Home decoration is not a deposition of materials, but a synthesis of culture, art, personalization, and taste. It is a medium for daily life advice. An expression of the idealization of the home. Therefore, when choosing floor tiles, it is also necessary to integrate the company's well-known brand beliefs, core concepts, and whether the promoted living habits can be consistent with their own beliefs.

The color and pattern design of the floor tiles, especially the visual impact of the surface, are very important elements. In this regard, the key depends on the hobbies of the relatives. If the relatives have a romantic style, you can choose the floor tiles with European and American styles, such as Zhuoyuan Turkey. Rose series products, physical and mental health stones, have the reputation of being bright in romance, and no one can reject the romance of roses, because that is sweet love. If the retro style is a family favorite, why not try antique tiles in action.

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