There are ways to buy floor tiles for home decoration, and it is very important to grasp

by:MUZZI Tile     2022-08-23

Wall tiles are an indispensable item in the decoration of a new house, but choosing a suitable and cost-effective floor tile is very rare. Therefore, choosing a good wall tile is a topic we discuss together. . So how to choose a good floor tile? Today, the author will tell everyone that there are ways to buy floor tiles for home decoration, and it is very important to grasp them. The key to choosing floor tiles starts from multiple levels:

1. Three points to look at the compact and seven points to see how the enamel floor tile is, and three points to look at the compact and seven points to look at the enamel. In other words, the real decision of the quality of the floor tile is actually the enamel on the surface of the floor tile. When purchasing, you can first touch the front face of the brick body with your hand, and feel whether the enamel of the wall tile is delicate, and then watch closely with your eyes to see whether the particles of the enamel are not smooth, whether the color tone is authentic, and how smooth is it? It has a delicate touch. The enamel particles are delicate. The color is authentic. The smoothness of the floor tiles is better.

2. Looking at the level of low water absorption and not low water content is also the main factor in deciding the quality of floor tiles. The manager of the Douglas tile shop in the sixth space recommended a quick and reasonable inspection method: immediately add water to the reverse side of the floor tiles. If it is a relatively low-density floor tile, the water will seep in quickly, and good tiles will not last for a long time. There may be imprints of leakage. 3. The more difficult to cut bricks, the better the quality. When choosing floor tiles, you must choose difficult-to-cut bricks! Since hard-to-cut bricks mean denser bricks, higher strength, and higher quality. However, high-strength bricks are also cumbersome to cut. For example, some imported ceramic tiles need to be laser-cut with imported cutter heads, and the skills of the bricklayer masters are also very high. In addition, you can also see whether the particles on the side of the floor tiles are fine and well-proportioned, and the particles are large. If the bricks are not smooth, the relative density of the bricks will be loose, and there will undoubtedly be problems in the whole process of application.

4. Whether the floor tiles are wear-resistant Use steel nails to identify the wear resistance of the surface of the floor tiles. It is also a method of identification. It is to use steel nails to scratch the surface of the bricks. With sufficient wear resistance, coupled with good enamel, the quality is of course guaranteed.

5. Whether the floor tiles are anti-slip The anti-slip function of anti-slip tiles is the main factor that many people consider, especially in the homes of the elderly, children, and pregnant women. Generally, the natural environment of bathrooms and restaurant kitchens is relatively cold and wet. It depends on whether the floor tiles are non-slip, not only in dry conditions but also needs to pour a few drops of water to test. These floor tiles that are greasy in contact with water will have better anti-slip properties on the ground.

6. Prevent the purchase of production and processing tiles According to a detailed introduction by the director of a ceramic tile factory, in order to better save the cost of mold shells, some brand tiles only produce large-sized floor tiles. Model floor tiles can only be laser-cut so that the laser-cut edge will be different from the original edge. In the case of buying bricks, you can choose the floor tiles of the brand. The floor tiles of each series of products are very complete, even the small-sized bricks are all finished products. The above are the methods of purchasing floor tiles for home decoration in several aspects, for your reference when choosing.

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