There are many traps in the purchase of floor tiles

by:MUZZI Tile     2022-08-28

Nowadays, there are so many floor tiles and various well-known brands on the market. When purchasing ceramic floor tiles, some customers who do not understand usually buy fake and inferior floor tiles. Below I will tell you about the traps of the floor tiles, and I look forward to giving readers a little suggestion.

1. Put a few drops of tea juice or cold water on the back of the floor tile, and wait for a few minutes, depending on the level of water droplets absorbed and spread, the quality is good if it does not absorb moisture or has low water absorption.

2. Hit the floor tiles to hear whether the sound is brittle, the more brittle the sound, the higher the degree of porcelain, the higher the relative density, and the better the strength.

3. Scratch the floor tiles with sharp objects to see if there are scratches. If there are scratches, it indicates that the hardness of the surface layer is insufficient. After the glaze of the surface layer is polished, the wall tiles will not be cleaned if they are dirty. (Click the picture to apply for free decoration design from three companies. Completely free cost budget. Online design)

4. The hue and saturation of the floor tiles are clear. Of course, it indicates that the degree of porcelainization is increased, the saturation is not clear, and the degree of porcelainization is low.

5. When purchasing, check with the human eye whether there are pinholes on the surface within one meter. If there are any, it means that the glaze layer is not completely combined, which may easily lead to the deposition of waste.

6. Observation of expansion and shrinkage: Observe whether the side of the floor tile is vertical with the human eye.

7. Check that the floor tiles are square and square: place the four bricks flat on the ground, change their composition sides at will, and see if the cross and gap in the middle are symmetrical.

8. Check the flatness: Put two random bricks facing each other and rotate on one of them; see if it can be rotated, if it can be rotated, it means that the surface of the brick is uneven.

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