The price and paving method of ceramic tile protective film for home decoration

by:MUZZI Tile     2022-06-16

Sometimes when our home decoration is over, we will inadvertently find that there are many traces on the tiles that cannot be erased. Although we have worked hard to clean it, there are still many small shadows. In fact, we have an A good way to avoid this phenomenon is to use a tile protective film. The tile protective film is not only simple and convenient to use but also has a very obvious effect. Today, I will tell you about the price and paving of the tile protective film for home decoration. method.

Price of home improvement tile protective film:

Now there are several kinds of ceramic tile protective films on the building materials market, including pvc tile protective films, pearl cotton tile protective films, and transparent protective films. In terms of price, pvc ceramic tile protective film is relatively cheap, and the price of different brands ranges from a few cents per square meter to two or three yuan per square meter. The price of pearl cotton tile protective film is relatively medium, which is mainly used for the protection of wall tiles. The price on the market is about two or three yuan to four or five yuan per square meter. The transparent protective film has the advantage of long service life, and can be used for 4-5 cycles, mainly for large-scale use, so the price is more than 5 yuan.

After talking about the price of ceramic tile protective film for home decoration, let's talk about the laying method of tile protective film:

1. Pay attention to the dry and solid-state of the wall tiles when laying the wall tile protective film, so as to avoid artificial loosening of the tiles when laying the tile protective film. The unevenness will affect the construction effect. It is best to choose pearl cotton tile protective film for coverage.

2. When laying the floor tile protective film, be careful not to walk on the ground just laid, so as not to cause the tiles to become loose and uneven.

3. The paving of the tile protective film is also meticulous. The better it is covered with the tile paving film, the better the protection effect will be.

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