The choice of floor tiles for home decoration, what are the selection methods of floor tiles?

by:MUZZI Tile     2022-08-21

The floor tiles on the market are all very beautiful, especially the whole body marble is particularly good-looking in the market, and the size and color of the floor tiles are different, the quality is different, and the decision-making price is also different. Where do you need to start when choosing floor tiles?

Home decoration floor tile selection method 1: brighten the indoor space light source

1. Bright polished glazed tile: the effect of returning light is very good, the construction is neat and the actual effect is bright polished glazed tile is a kind of glazed tile, bright is the relative matte polished glazed tile, matt is the light source sent to various fields around. The light source is mild, and it is not suitable for use in dark indoor spaces; while the surface of the bright polished glazed tile has a very good light return effect, highlighting the cleanliness and clarity.

2. Whole body marble: The gloss of the mirror glass reflects the translucent and cleanliness. It should be called imitation marble tiles. The texture, color, layering, touch, and visual impact are completely true to marble. The polished and polished surface of high-quality full-body marble has the same gloss as mirror glass, which can clearly reflect the scenery and make the interior space look clear and bright. Light-colored natural marble tiles make the overall interior space cleaner. Showing a sense of space hierarchy. A sense of fashion trends.

3. Polished tile: The reinforced glazed tile is bright but easy to slip. Ningbo Decoration Company discusses that polished tile is a bright tile made of the surface of the whole brick body by grinding. Compared with the glazed tile, the water absorption is lower (less than 0.5%). .The price is more expensive, which is equivalent to enhanced grinding and polishing. Generally, the surface layer will not need to be polished and polished. It can improve the refractive index and brighten the interior space in a house with poor lighting, but the ground is not very slippery.

Home decoration floor tile selection method 2: durable and wear-resistant

1. Glazed tiles: hard and wear-resistant large living rooms are most suitable for floor tiles Glazed tiles are a kind of bright bricks made of the surface of the whole brick body by grinding. The outstanding advantage is that they are hard and wear-resistant. In addition to most of the interior space design applications, such as living balconies, exterior wall decoration, and so on. On the basis of applying infiltration technology, glazed tiles can also make a variety of imitation stone bricks and imitation wood fences.

2. Glazed tiles: Anti-leakage and durable, especially suitable for cabinets and bathrooms. Glazed tiles are floor tiles whose appearance is solved by glazing, ultra-high pressure, and high-temperature firing. Although the wear resistance is slightly weaker than that of glazed tiles, most of the glazed tiles have good ground slip resistance, and the color and pattern design are colorful. There are many specifications and models. There is a large selection space. Especially in the home kitchen and Toilet.

3. Wood-grain floor tiles: Long-life living balconies can also be used outdoors. Wood-grain floor tiles refer to ceramic floor tiles with a real wood grain pattern design on the surface layer. They are divided into two categories: genuine edge and finely decorated edge. Long strip. No laser cutting is required; the latter one is blue brick, which is laser cut in the middle and late stages. It is more convenient to lay and paste. Wood grain floor tiles as floor tiles can prevent furniture and wood floors from fading. They are not resistant to wear and other defects. They have a long service life and improved wear resistance. They do not need to be polished and waxed periodically like wooden products. Maintenance, living balcony, and other outdoor Can be used in indoor spaces.

Home decoration floor tile selection method three: moisture-proof ground anti-skid

1. Antique tiles: digest and absorb solidified water vapor, mild and not afraid of moisture. Antique tiles are also called retro tiles. They are essentially glazed porcelain tiles made of antique-style actual effects. (Quartz sandstone bricks belong to this category), the surface can be divided into two types: matte and smooth. Antique tiles will absorb water vapor when the moisture is too heavy, and release it when it is dry, so it is not easy to solidify water vapor on the surface, it is not easy to fall, and the safety factor is high. better.

2. Gold-steel sand floor tiles: pure natural silica sand is hygroscopic. It is essential for the old and the young at home. The gold-steel sand floor tiles are made of ceramic floor tiles by adding pure natural silica sand. It happens that the silica sand layer on the surface can make it absorb water. The ground The anti-slip effect is very good, it is very suitable for the home with the elderly or children, restaurant kitchen, living balcony, the bathroom can be used. This floor tile has fewer patterns to choose from and is more common in small sizes, and the price is slightly more expensive than ordinary floor tiles.

3. Quartz brick: The shower room with the least water absorption is preferably the most waterproof. The quartz stone brick body is made of quartz fine particles or powder. Generally speaking, the floor tiles with lower water absorption are less likely to absorb moisture in the body. Quartz tiles have the least water absorption among all floor tiles, only 1%-3%, and the waterproof performance is the best. It must be noted that quartz bricks can be divided into many types according to the surface material. If you want to be waterproof and the ground is non-slip, you should choose quartz bricks with large fluctuations in the surface pattern. In the case of selecting floor tiles, they should be matched according to the area of use of the house and the interior decoration style. The durable and wear-resistant floor tiles are used in the dining room kitchen, and the whole body marble is used in the large living room.

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