Teach you tips for buying floor tiles

by:MUZZI Tile     2022-08-04

Choosing the right floor tiles will not only make the walls and pavements meet the basic requirements of being beautiful and easy to clean, but also create a variety of feelings of romance, fashion, or retro fashion in the home. Learning a lot of tips for choosing floor tiles can make floor tiles give full play to their effects that cannot be ignored. According to the application, floor tiles can be divided into exterior wall tiles, floor tiles, wall tiles, parquet, figure curves, Dutch tiles and footings. According to the processing technology, it can be divided into polished glazed tiles, whole body tiles, glazed tiles, polished tiles, and ceramic mosaic tiles.

Glazed tile: This is also a floor tile with a glazed surface fired on the surface of the tile.

These bricks are divided into two categories: one is made of clay, which must be glazed due to high water absorption, so the compressive strength is low, and it is rarely used today; the other is made of clay, in order to better In pursuit of the actual effect of perfect decoration, the glaze is also fired, and the price is slightly higher than that of the floor tiles made of clay. Porcelain-fired glazed tiles are widely used in home decoration. Glazed tile: This is also a kind of unglazed porcelain tile. The material and color of the front and back sides are the same. The glazed tile has good anti-slip and wears resistance.

generally referred to as floor tiles non-slip, and most of them are glazed tiles. Because these tiles are moderately priced, they are widely welcomed by everyone. Glazed tiles: Polished glazed tiles become glazed tiles after grinding. These tiles have high strength and are very resistant to wear and tear. Polished tile: This is also a continuous high-temperature fired porcelain tile, which is the hardest of all floor tiles.

Some glazed tiles will be scratched, but polished tiles are not easy. Ceramic mosaic tiles: alias Mosaic, generally composed of dozens of small bricks, petite, exquisite, and colorful. Customers can choose different well-known brands according to their own estimates and preferences, and choose different styles of floor tiles according to the development needs of the house.

Brightly colored polished tiles can be used to decorate and design contemporary living homes; prudent and antique glazed tiles can be placed in new Chinese and Nordic style bedrooms. Mosaic's different materials and different patchwork applications can be added to the residence. It is as tender as water, and the tiles with novel artistic creativity and a good gas field can have the effect of icing on the cake for interior decoration. At the level of purchasing floor tiles, experts believe that the first thing to do is to choose products from big manufacturers or well-known brands. Although the price is higher, the product quality is guaranteed by credibility. Secondly, to detect the quality of floor tiles, we should pay attention to two levels:


1. Look at the limit

The deviation of length, width, and thickness should be small. The method is to take a few bricks and arrange them on the ground. The closed conformation has little deviation and the quality is very good.

2. Look at the perspective

The diagonal cannot be higher than 1Mm.

3. Look at the flatness

The two bricks are held together, and there should be no gaps.

4. Look at the smoothness

Glazed tiles can shine.

5. Look at the smoothness

There should be no pinholes or defects on the bricks within 3 meters. 6. Look at the color cast. After a few tiles are laid, the tone should be the same.

Essential quality

1. Look at the water absorption. Drop a drop of water on the brick and see how fast the water seeps in. Good bricks, water droplets will flip over the bricks.

2. Listen to the sound. A good floor tile has a crisp sound, indicating that the porcelain is of high quality. If there is a cracking sound, it means that there are cracks in the brick.

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