Teach you how to buy floor tiles?

by:MUZZI Tile     2022-07-28

Nowadays, the sales market of home improvement building materials can be said to be booming. Various well-known brands and various types of building decoration materials fill the building materials stores. The same is true for the popular microcrystalline tiles at the beginning. I really can't figure out the brain, and if you are not careful, you are likely to pick up uneasy and even distressing products.

1. Look at the packaging design to identify the true and false

Nowadays, there are many manufacturers of microcrystalline stone tiles, but it is not common for first-line brand equipment like Fengyun. Many third-tier manufacturers usually counterfeit or counterfeit products of similar well-known brands, and fake and shoddy to deceive consumers, so be sure to order when ordering. According to the query packaging design, carefully identify the true and false. For example, the outer packaging box of Fengyun microcrystalline stone tiles generally has the product name, company name, after-sales maintenance service mobile phone, total number, specifications and models, and product implementation standards. If it is used for floor tiles for house decoration, it should also have green environmental protection. logo etc.

2. Look at the clarity and chromaticity of the device

Because of its raw materials, the surface of the floor tile is as smooth as tempered glass after being calcined at high temperatures many times, especially under the illumination of the lighting effect. Another advantage of microcrystalline stone tiles is that the chromaticity is very high, and the general floor tiles are around 60 degrees, while the screen brightness of microcrystalline stone tiles should reach more than 100 degrees, and some even reach more than 120 degrees. Stone tile is a kind of floor tile with better translucency and chroma.

3. Look at the interior decoration style and the size of the space

After selecting the floor tiles according to the design plan, the interior decoration style of the home should be clarified, and the type and color of microcrystalline stone tiles should be selected according to the design style. For example, there are more than 50 series of products such as Yuzhuo Ice Sculpture, Hetian Jasper Youjin, and Jinwang Marriage. It is not easy to be at a loss when choosing a floor tile after clarifying the design style. In addition, it is necessary to choose different types of floor tiles according to the size of the indoor space of the house. Nowadays, the main types of tiles used in the large living room are 1000mm, 800mm, 600mm and other specifications. The most widely used ones are generally 800mm, and only the ones that are particularly large or special Only small houses will choose the other two specifications and models.

4. Look at the appearance and weigh light and heavy

It is clear that the surface layer of microcrystalline stone tiles of good quality should look very smooth, delicate to the touch, without significant dents on the surface, the texture is real, the color is excessive, the reverse side is not damaged, and it is flat under the light of the light source; And the net weight of the floor tiles should also be considered. Generally speaking, the qualifications of the same size, and the net weight indicates that the material is strong, the water absorption is low, and the quality is harder.

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