Some precautions for waterproofing before tiling in home decoration

by:MUZZI Tile     2022-07-07

The temperature is rising little by little, indicating that spring has come quietly. Just passed the long and cold winter, have you already started to plan the decoration plan for the spring? Maybe you have just bought a new house and are ready to fully renovate it, or maybe you want to transform your old house into a more fashionable and practical one. Living Home has collected a large amount of home decoration information for you, which I believe can help you make your home more comfortable.

Nowadays people's daily life is busy and stressful, a warm home can bring everyone the most relaxing leisure time. But how can you make your home warm and comfortable? With a few tips, you can easily create a pleasant home.

Personnel: Generally, 1-2 bricklayers are required.

Sequence: wall tiles first, then floor tiles.

Time: A good bricklayer will stick 5-6 square meters a day, otherwise it will be difficult to guarantee the quality. Especially in places such as window sills that require small diagonal corners, it is very time-consuming.

1. Paving colored glazed tiles:

Treat the base layer → elastic line → soak the tile in water → pave the cement mortar → install the standard block → lay the floor tile → point the joint → clean → maintain.

2. Paving ceramic mosaic tiles (mosaic):

Treatment of the base layer → elastic line. Marking bar → paving cement mortar → paving → shooting → watering. peeling paper → plucking seam. filling seam → cleaning → maintenance.

Construction points for laying ceramic floor tiles:

1. The base layer should be chiseled on the concrete floor, the chiseling depth should be 5~10 mm, and the spacing of the chisel marks should be about 30 mm. After that, clean the floating ash, mortar, oil stains, and brush the ground with a little water.

2. Before paving, the line should be stretched, and the reference line at right angles to the doorway should be popped on the ground. The line should start from the door to ensure that the entrance is a whole brick, and the non-whole brick is placed in the inner corner or under the furniture. The elastic line should pop up the vertical and horizontal positioning control lines.

3. Before laying ceramic floor tiles, the ceramic floor tiles should be soaked and dried in the shade.

4. When paving, the cement mortar should be fully smeared on the back of the ceramic floor tiles, and then tapped with a rubber hammer after paving. At the same time, check the alignment with a spirit level and wipe the surface cement mortar.

5. After 2~3 hours of paving, use white cement to wipe the seam, and use cement.sandu003d1:1 (volume ratio) cement mortar. The seam should be filled with dense, flat and smooth. Then wipe the surface with cotton silk, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning and waterproofing.

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