Some good ways to buy floor tiles in home decoration

by:MUZZI Tile     2022-08-03

In the home decoration process, everyone is usually crazy about which decorative building materials to choose. Here are some ways to choose ceramic floor tiles: The glaze layer of the glaze layer should be smooth and delicate; the glossy surface should be crystal clear and soft, not bright The face should be gentle and comfortable. Color cast Put several pieces of ceramic floor tiles together, and check them carefully under the light. Good products have a little color cast, and the colors in the middle of the products are basically the same; while the poor products have a large color cast, and the colors in the middle of the products are different. Specifications and models can be accurately measured with a watch caliper.

Good product model error is small, after paving, the product is neat and uniform, the bottom of the wall is vertical, and the actual effect of decorative design is excellent. Poor product model errors are large, and the intermediate specifications of the products are different. The deformation can be directly observed with the human eye. It is stipulated that the sides of the products are flat so that the deformation of the products is small, the construction is convenient, and the wall tiles after paving are flat and beautiful.

Pattern design The pattern design should be meticulous and real, and there should be no obvious shortcomings such as lack of color, disconnection, and displacement. Color The color of exterior wall tiles should be in harmony with the surrounding environment. Generally, high-rise residential buildings cannot use milky white or excessively light-colored exterior wall decoration tiles to prevent the building from lacking a sense of hierarchy; in interior decoration, floor tiles and interior colors of the wall tiles should match each other.

The toilet facilities should be dominated by sanitary ware, and the quality and level of wall tiles and various spare parts including hardware and other supporting facilities should be coordinated.

After the durable ceramic floor tiles are inlaid, they will not crack, deform or absorb feces for a long time. You can use the following simple method to distinguish: adjust the ink bead behind the product to see if the black ink is automatically dispersed. Generally speaking, the slower the black ink disperses, the smaller the water absorption, the better the essential quality, and the better the durability of the product; on the contrary, the worse the durability of the product.

The slip resistance of the floor anti-slip tiles is very important. Generally, ceramic floor tiles with an anti-slip effect on the ground should be used in the bathing places such as bathrooms and kitchens.

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