Six must-knows about polished tiles

by:MUZZI Tile     2022-06-17

Polished tiles, perhaps many non-professionals are very unfamiliar with it, let us learn about the six essential knowledge of polished tiles, maybe you will have a new understanding of it.

What are the characteristics of polished tiles?

Polished tiles: easy to buy, easy to take care of, don't have to worry about getting wet by water or being easily scratched by hard objects, and the price is also very moderate. It is easy to clean and use more on indoor small areas, walls and outdoor large and small walls and floors.

How to choose and match different colored polished tiles?

1. The contrast of black and white can increase the structure of the ground;

2. Grey series of polished tiles, more cultural taste and natural scenery;

3. The color of the stone pattern is both simple and natural, but also thick and full of connotation;

4. The polished tiles of the red series make the ground look special and have a gorgeous feeling;

5. The polished tiles of the beige series make the living room have a splendid nobility and elegance;

6. The blue and green series of polished tiles are easily reminiscent of the vastness of the sky and the natural beauty of the grasslands;

7. The polished tiles of earth color and terracotta series are laid on the living room and dining room floor, which can make people feel the pleasure and comfort of the rural style.

How do maintain polished tiles?

Method 1: Mix an equal amount of white wax and a teaspoon of white vinegar together, put it in a bottle, shake it before use, and use this solution to wipe tiles well.

Method 2: If there is dirt in the cracks of the polished tiles, you can spray some cleaning agent on the bathroom. After a while, brush it with a brush and rinse it with water at the same time. If there are still residual stains, you can use the bleach used in washing water to wash it again.

What is the best way to repair the falling off of polished tiles?

If the mortar is not loose and only the polished tiles fall off, you can scrape the mortar on the tiles, add a little cement to the 107 glue to form a paste, evenly apply a thin layer on the back of the polished tiles, and press it later Polished tiles are ready to stick. If the mortar is dropped together with the polished tiles, first lightly chisel some hair pits on the original foundation surface, then re-install it with mortar mixed with 107 glue, and then press the fallen polished tiles until the mortar hardens.

How to clean the stains on polished tiles?

1. Use toothpaste if ink penetrates.

2. If it is stained with soy sauce, vinegar, etc., it can be used as a toilet cleaner.

3. If stained with rust stains, you can squeeze fresh lemon juice and rub it on the rust stains repeatedly, then wash with soapy water. Vitamin C can also be used instead.

4. Stains such as tea can be removed with soda ash solutions such as sodium hydroxide or potassium bicarbonate. Note: Use a board brush, do not use steel balls, otherwise, the surface of the polished tile will be scratched.

Choose floor or polished tiles?

1. Visual sense: the floor gives people a good affinity; polished tiles give people a hard feeling; thermal insulation performance: the thermal insulation performance of the floor has advantages, and the thermal insulation performance of polished tiles is relatively poor.

2. Cleaning and maintenance: There are gaps on the floor, so oil stains and water stains enter the gaps, causing serious damage to the floor, while polished tiles are almost harmless. The floor is a little monotonous. The polished tiles are rich: with bright colors, various patterns, and different specifications, so the design has a large space and is easy to produce effects.

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