Six common questions about buying floor tiles

by:MUZZI Tile     2022-09-02

1. The appearance and color should be uniform, and the surface smoothness and flatness should be better (except for the unique processing technology). Especially when polishing and polishing floor tiles, you should pay attention to their smoothness. The higher the gloss, the higher the polishing and polishing process. The relative strength is also higher, and the water absorption is lower. The wear resistance value is higher.

2. The ability of pollution control work is better. Drop a few drops of ink or colored plate water on the surface of the floor tile, and then wipe it off with a wet towel after half an hour. If there are obvious marks, it means that it is very easy to seep; Good stain resistance working ability. 3. The specification error should not be very large. That is, the four bricks should be neatly put together without significant displacement.

4. Floor tiles should not have significant expansion and contraction. That is to say, the four corners must be on the same level surface, and the two bricks should be put together with the back facing the country. No matter how they are rotated, the corners and the middle of the corners should overlap horizontally.

5. Water absorption must meet the regulations. The lower the water absorption, the higher the relative density of the product, and the less easy it is to penetrate. Usually, colorful ceramic floor tiles shall not exceed 10%; unglazed porcelain tiles (including glazed tiles) shall not exceed 0.5%; glazed porcelain tiles shall not exceed 1%.

6. Each commodity needs to have a radioactive material environmental sanitation certificate.

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