Porcelain purchase method

by:MUZZI Tile     2022-06-21

When purchasing tiles, you must pay attention to whether the production process of the tiles is excellent, and at the same time check whether the tiles have the official factory name, factory address, specifications, grades, trademarks and other related product information. Another point to note here is to choose tiles according to different room requirements.

Listening, water, cutting, and looking at diagnostic test tiles Doctors need to look, smell, ask, and cut when seeing a doctor. Now when purchasing ceramic tiles, we can diagnose and test tiles by listening, water, cutting and seeing. the quality of.

1. Listen:

Use the thumb, index finger and middle finger of one hand to clamp the corner of the tile, hang it down easily, and tap the middle and lower part of the tile with the index finger of the other hand, if the sound is clear and pleasant to the ear, it is the top grade, and if the sound is dull and astringent, it is the inferior product.

2. Water:

Drop the water on the back of the tile, and the tile that soaks slowly after the water is dispersed has a high density and is regarded as the top grade.

3. Cut:

Look where the tile fragments break. The fracture is fine, hard, and brittle, and the color is the same as the top grade.

4. See:

Under the illumination of sufficient natural light or fluorescent lamps, place the bricks at a distance of 1 meter and observe vertically, and no obvious glaze defects should be seen. The pattern should be delicate and realistic, and there should be no obvious lack of color, broken lines, dislocation, etc. Defects; the shading, trademark, etc. on the back are clear and complete, with few glaze marks or defects; place a batch of products vertically on a flat surface to see if there is any unevenness; choose a flat glass plate, plastic Plate, tabletop or ceramic tile, the side and front of the tile are attached to the surface in parallel, and the straightness of the edge and the warpage of the surface are observed. You can also press the edges of the two bricks together to see if there is a gap.

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