Picking tiles, afraid of radiation, it is better to look at the quality

by:MUZZI Tile     2022-07-04

Recently, there have been exposures to toxic products, many of which are home decoration products. A few days ago, a reporter from Nandu visited the ceramic market around the Sanhuan Decoration City and learned that glazed tiles, vitrified tiles, polished tiles, full-body tiles... There are many kinds of tiles on the market with different prices. Many consumers are choosing Can't eat a bit. Zhang Xinquan, director of Foshan Ceramics Mall, said that the radiation of ceramic tiles is very low and will hardly pose a threat to human health. In contrast, consumers should pay more attention to quality issues such as gloss and flatness of tiles when purchasing.

Business: Tile radiation is almost negligible

In the home, decorative tiles and marble radiation are strange concepts for many people. Because they can't see or touch, consumers will be more worried about the harm caused by the so-called radioactive elements.

In the past, natural stone was the main choice for many home decorations, used to pave the ground, walls, and so on. Because of its natural texture and high-end vision. But because the natural stone itself contains radioactive elements, the usage rate is much lower than before. Eagle ceramics shopping guide Xiao Li told reporters. Now more and more products are comparable to natural stone, such as microcrystalline stone tiles, which are getting closer and closer to natural stone in terms of color and texture, and are much more environmentally friendly than natural stone.

However, microcrystalline ceramic tiles are expensive, 80×80 tiles are priced at more than 600 yuan, and thousands of yuan are also common. Ordinary ceramic tiles are made of mud, and the radiation is very low, which hardly poses a threat to human health. When buying ceramic tiles, instead of worrying about the radiation problem of ceramic tiles, it is better to pay more attention to the quality issues such as gloss, flatness, density, hardness and so on. Zhang Xinquan, director of Foshan Ceramics Mall, said.

Mr. Wei, a contractor who has been paving tiles for 10 years, told reporters privately that when buying ceramic tiles, don't buy too white ones. Some merchants will add a whitening agent for the brightening effect of the brick surface, which may be bad for the body.

Myth: Over-favoring non-slip tiles

The debate on whether tiles have radiation has a long history. On the other hand, the pros and cons of its anti-slip function are also taken into consideration by many consumers.

It is worth noting that all floor tiles with a certain friction coefficient on the market are called non-slip tiles by manufacturers. And the national floor tile standard does not classify its function. The current national standard for ceramic tiles does not clearly stipulate the coefficient of friction but only points out the test method for the coefficient of static friction, which is recommended and not enforced. Therefore, under the premise that the anti-skid indicator does not exist, how the anti-skid effect of the so-called special anti-skid brick is still debatable.

Zhang Xinquan told reporters that in his opinion, the glazed tiles and polished tiles of high quality on the market have an excellent anti-slip function, and there is no potential safety hazard. Therefore, there is no need for consumers to deliberately buy anti-skid bricks. Some 'anti-skid bricks' are actually just inferior bricks with the name of 'anti-skid'. They have a rough texture and strong graininess. At first glance, the friction force is stronger. The tile is more slippery.

Four dimensions to judge the pros and cons

There are different types of ceramic tiles on the market. How should consumers choose? Eagle ceramics shopping guide Xiao Li introduced that a good ceramic tile should have good gloss, flatness, density and hardness, which are indispensable. In addition, generally speaking, brand tiles are attached with paving suggestions. As long as the construction team constructs according to the requirements, the beautiful and practical characteristics of high-quality tiles can be brought into play.

The texture of high-quality tiles is natural and beautiful, with a three-dimensional effect and good gloss, which is easy to distinguish from inferior products. The flatness can be judged by the feel of the touch. The surface of high-quality ceramic tiles is smooth and delicate, with only a few parts slightly uneven, while the entire surface of the products that are less than that is uneven, which can be known by touch.

In the Jiangbei store of Foshan Ceramics Mall, the reporter observed that the tiles displayed in the store are relatively thick. Zhang Xinquan told reporters that the thickness of a tile is a reflection of its density and hardness. For products of the same specification, bricks with high density and high hardness are heavier and feel heavier; conversely, products with the lower quality feel lighter, and professionals can listen to The sound of tapping the tiles can distinguish the quality of the tiles. For ordinary consumers, it is enough to use two methods of observation and touch.

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