Founder's message

"The year 2016 is when Muzzi Decor&Tile is born to break all the traditions in the global ceramic industry by following a distinctive vision and design philosophies the market has never seen before. 


Despite being a relatively young player in the market, Muzzi Décor&Tile is effectively challenging the status quo by changing the perception attached to “Made in China” by creating products that humble international standards".


Windy Zhang, Founder and CEO

Our Mission & Vision

We work with the vision to deliver a new generation of high-end tiles to meet the emerging thirst for fashion. We are on a mission to make the competition irrelevant by creating first-of-its kind unique tiles created through a fine combination of high-end quality and fashionable designs.

Our Designs

One of the key reason for the speedy growth and market penetration of Muzzi Décor&Tile lies in our unique design philosophy. We strive to bring back the classic Chinese designs back to life by injecting trendy western taste to them. In order to keep the classy feature of our designs, we create the majority of our designs in matte looks.



We always have ongoing market research by our marketing team, the accumulated results of which allow us to launch,twice annually,new design series that are most-desired globally.


We work closely with Italian Tecnografica Décor&Technology to execute our design ideas and bring them to life.

Our Quality

Being a new generation of high-end porcelain tiles, it is our ultimate priority to make sure that the quality of our tiles always exceed that of the world-famous high-end tile brands. Here is how we do it:


We employ a 4-step Quality Control process that starts with raw material inspection all the way to inspecting how well the tiles are packed.

We use glaze with premium quality from Spain and Taiwan.

We use highly advanced press machines that apply up to 7,200 tons of pressure, which results in the Breaking Strength of twice as high as the ISO requirements.

We constantly run quality checks both at government and private laboratories, and keep presenting our results to our customers.

Factory facilities

Muzzi Décor&Tile has three major production lines, all of which are fully equipped with Italian machinery. Furthermore, Muzzi Décor&Tile is one of the very few tile manufacturers in all of China that use 7.2 ton press machines which allows for the manufacturing of even large-sized tiles with far better density and body strength than most of the competition. Staffed with more than 400 employees, our factories have the capacity to manufacture up to 700,000 square meters of tiles per month.




We are always excited to hear from you!


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never to be seen or heard from again.  At Muzzi Decor&Tile, we provide the exceptional service we'd want to experience ourselves!


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