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by:MUZZI Tile     2022-07-25

The word Mosaic (MOSAIC) is rooted in ancient Greek culture, which means that in the cultural work that is very worthy of meditation and must be patient, Mosaic's flexible and unrestrained embedded plastic art originated from the ancient Roman Empire and ancient Greek culture. At that time, the ancient Romans spliced colorful inserts such as gravel, shellfish, or glass lenses of different colors to form gorgeous pattern designs. This kind of cultural shape with a long history, through the evolution of thousands of years ago, is created by contemporary technology.

Colors, materials, specifications and models show a diversified development trend, which can be colorful. It can be beautiful and elegant, and it can be elegant in classical style…… Personality characteristics of contemporary mosaics Due to the development trend of contemporary technology, in addition to laminated glass and amethyst, metal materials and natural stones are used for decoration in the use of raw materials. Make it more radiant and textured. So Mosaic is no longer a horny clown duck.

The mosaic of laminated glass and amethyst is more and more fashionable and trendy, and the mosaic of metal materials and natural stone is more airy and gorgeous. The latest fashionable mosaic colors are mixed tones and metallic luster. The mixed colors can be unpredictable and more colors can be found, which are full of unlimited imagination; while the gold and silver mosaics full of luster are trendy and trendy. mean. Created through contemporary technology, the types of mosaics are colorful. In addition to glass mosaics and ceramic mosaics, which will still be fashionable in 2022, natural stone, glazed, pure gold, and metal mosaics will also prevail. Their colors It is more colorful and the material is stronger, giving buyers more and more choices.

Mosaic parquet decorative designs are a great medium to use for color change. Its rich decorative patterns not only give people a visual effect but also create a new and upgraded sense of hierarchy in the interior space. Mastering the mosaic, creating a unique visual impact Some interior designers bravely try to change the size and appearance of the mosaic, cutting it into river pebbles or triangles for further decorative designs.

Because of the small range of each mosaic, it can play the pattern design with humanized characteristics according to people's hobbies, which brings us visual obvious; hit and shocking. This also makes the bathroom shower room unusual, full of endless rhythm.

When designing the scheme, we can also make use of the characteristics of the mosaic itself that shines when exposed to light, and make full use of scientific fantasy. Black is used as the background color to contrast, and one wall is covered with golden yellow, which is contemporary but not extreme, gorgeous but not kitsch. There is a beautifully broken brocade on all the walls or the ground, which makes the house full of cool mosaics. The future trend is accompanied by the advantage that mosaics can be embedded and matched at will. After the advantages are fully discovered, more and more design teams Incorporate them into your own design products.

This greatly considers the extraordinary artistic creativity of interior designers and home furniture experts, and Mosaic is gradually solving the decoration design constraints of only serving items in the bathroom and won the list of residential decoration design, incarnation as a TV background wall, The beautiful coats of decorative columns and interior stairs have become the new favorite of today's creative decoration materials.

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