Mosaic purchase tips

by:MUZZI Tile     2022-07-12

Because the mosaic area is very small, it is sold in pieces, and a piece is made of multiple pieces of mosaic monomers connected by paper or plastic mesh. How to choose mosaic? The following introduces the common sense of mosaic construction and the selection method of mosaic.

First of all, it should be noted that when the mosaic is laid in the bathroom, you need to put water glue. Now the most conventional construction method is 108 glue + cement + caulk.

Generally connected with paper are glass mosaics, moiré mosaics, gold thread mosaics, and individual ceramic mosaics. The paper connection is generally the paper attached to the front of the mosaic; the plastic mesh connection includes crystal mosaic, bread brick, and freestone ceramic mosaic, stone mosaic, and the mesh connection is generally attached to the back of the mosaic.

Paper-connected mosaics Since the paper is attached to the front of the mosaic, the construction steps are to first brush the cement, then call the caulk on the back of the paper, add glue, paste the mosaic, remove the paper, then brush the caulk and wipe it clean, that is, the paper is removed during construction to expose the front of the mosaic.

A Mosaic connected by a net is attached to the back of the mosaic. During construction, cement is directly applied, glue is applied, the mosaic is pasted, and finally, the caulking agent is added, that is, its net is finally connected to the mosaic.

Nowadays, there are many specifications of mosaics on the market. In the building materials market, a piece is the smallest sales unit. In other words, you need to buy at least one piece. The thickness of glass mosaic is 2-3 mm, the thickness of ceramic mosaic is about 4 mm, and the thickness of the stone is larger, generally about 1 cm.

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