How to prevent the color cast of floor tiles?

by:MUZZI Tile     2022-07-26

1. Carefully check the number and color on the wooden box of the same specification when accepting floor tiles to see if there are products with different production batch numbers and colors; if you see products with different batch numbers and colors, you should promptly notify the seller or refuse to accept the shipment;

2. Take four-floor tiles out and lay them on the road with a good light source to see if there is any color difference.

3. During the construction of the project, the employees who are responsible for the construction of the project should pay attention to check the number and color of the goods and other product quality problems during the decoration and construction. If there is any problem, the project construction should be terminated immediately, and the seller should be contacted immediately;

4. When repairing bricks, be sure to check the production batch number and color of the original equipment, and makeup according to the same model, specification, and color.

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