How to match the exterior wall tiles to look good?

by:MUZZI Tile     2022-07-20

Exterior wall tiles are the preferred material for home and outdoor wall decoration, with good physical properties and anti-pollution properties, so they are deeply loved by the public. The decorative effect of the exterior wall mainly depends on the collocation. If the collocation is good, everything will be fine. If the collocation is not good, everything will not go well. How to match the exterior wall tiles to look good?

First, choose the type of exterior wall tiles At present, the exterior wall tiles mainly include whole body tiles, vitrified tiles, polished tiles, glazed tiles, etc. Each type of ceramic tile has different decorative effects and different matching requirements. The whole body tile is a kind of ceramic tile with the same material and color on both sides. The surface is not glazed and has a natural and simple effect. The tiles attached to the outer wall will not cause pollution to the environment. Vitrified tile is a kind of ceramic tile whose surface has been polished. The surface of the tile is very smooth and has great advantages in decorative effect and cleaning and maintenance.

Polished tiles are ceramic tiles with a polished surface and a bright surface, which are relatively hard and wear-resistant, and are often used on exterior walls such as balconies and bedrooms. The surface of glazed tiles is glazed and has rich colors, patterns and textures. It is one of the more popular tiles at present.

Second, choose the color of the exterior wall tiles as the exterior wall tiles, and you can't be too random in terms of color. Here are some color matching schemes for exterior wall tiles: dark gray with light gray, which is atmospheric and heavy; blue and white, with a Mediterranean-style charm; orange and black, both neat and eye-catching; sea blue with silver, exquisite and beautiful.

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