How to identify polished glazed tiles?

by:MUZZI Tile     2022-07-29

The tiles used in home decoration are classified into many and fine categories. Whether it is distinguished by type, main purpose, or by water absorption, more than ten different types of floor tiles can be listed. In a variety of floor tiles, how to identify glazed tiles?

What are the characteristics of the whole body brick?

How to identify one of the glazed tiles:

The basic concept is simply to say that the glazed tile is made by restraining the slag of the rock formation by high pressure. This is also a kind of unglazed porcelain tile. it is good. Generally speaking, most of the anti-skid floor tiles are glazed tiles. Because these bricks are moderately priced, they are loved by customers.

How to identify the second glazed tiles:

The actual identification method In order to distinguish the glazed tiles among many floor tiles, the method is also very simple. The key is to pay attention to two levels. One is to look at the level of the floor tile deformation. The glazed tiles are durable and not easy to deform. Second, look at whether the color and material of the front face and side of the floor tile are the same. If the color and material are the same, it is a glazed tile. If the color and material are different, it is not a glazed tile.

How to identify the third glazed tiles:

Specifications, Models, and Sizes Polished glazed tiles are a kind of wear-resistant bricks. Although there are also types of infiltrated and polished glazed tiles, relatively speaking, their patterns are not as good as those of polished glazed tiles. Because the current interior decoration design is more and more inclined to the solid color design scheme, so the glazed tile has become more and more a fashion trend, and is widely used in the pavement of new interior decoration projects such as living rooms, corridors, and outdoor aisles. Applied to walls, most of the non-slip floor tiles are glazed tiles.

There are many specifications and models of full-body bricks. Small-sized models include outer bricks, medium-sized models include Dutch bricks, and large-sized models include wear-resistant glazed tiles. Common specifications include 45 mm * 45 mm * 5mm, 45 mm * 95 mm * 5mm , 108mm*108mm*13mm, 200*200*13mm, 300mm*300mm*5mm, 400mm*400mm*6mm, 500mm*500mm*6mm, 600mm*600mm*8mm, 800mm*800mm*10mm, etc.

How to identify the fourth glazed tiles:

Analysis of Advantages There are many advantages of polished glazed tiles. In general, there are four key points. First, there is basically no color difference. After careful preparation, the polished glazed tiles have the same pattern and basically no color difference. The second is the bending strength. Large, it is restrained by thousands of tons of four-column hydraulic press during the production process, and then calcined at a high temperature above 1200 ℃, and the compressive strength is high; third, the brick body is thin and light in weight, which is not easy to increase the net load of buildings and buildings, resulting in potential Hazard; Fourth, the ground has good anti-skid function.

The anti-skid floor is the basic characteristic of polished glazed tiles. No matter how smooth the surface is, the actual effect of ground anti-skid is the same. I suggest to everyone, if there is soil on the brick, it will be slippery, and the water will be astringent, so it is impossible to affect the anti-slip effect of the ground if you just do a good job of daily cleaning.

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