How to choose tiles?

by:MUZZI Tile     2022-09-05

Does the tile have 3c certification? How to choose tiles? As a novice in ceramic tile purchase, you may not be very familiar with this. But don't worry, let me give you a brief introduction. Do tiles have 3c certification? Yes, but not all tile products must have 3c certification.

3c certification is considered to be the most important certification for ceramic tile products. 3c refers to the quality certification issued by my country, which requires its production conditions and quality to meet the 3c certification of ceramic tiles in my country. The 3C logo is usually affixed to the surface of the tile or is molded on the product. If you look closely, you will find many oval 3C symbols.

And there is a random code behind each 3C logo, and each random code has a corresponding manufacturer and product. Of course, we can't just look at the 3c certification when buying ceramic tiles. The key to ceramic tile quality certification is the radiation requirements of ceramic tiles. Quality usually refers to water absorption, strength, antifouling effect, wear resistance, size, color difference, and Anti-skid and other issues. How to choose tiles?

1. Look at the appearance. First of all, in the process of purchasing ceramic tiles, the easiest way to distinguish whether it is good or bad is to look at their appearance in time. The appearance of the ceramic tile is balanced in color and beautiful color. And the appearance is flat, not concave, and the edge is relatively regular, such a tile is better, we must pay attention to it in the process of purchasing.

2. Listening to the sound If you want to choose high-quality tiles, you should also learn to distinguish the sound from the tiles. You can hit the tile with a hard object such as a hammer. If the sound is relatively crisp, it means the quality is good. If the sound is relatively dull and turbid, it is not recommended to buy this kind of tile.

3. Detection of hardness The hardness of the tile also determines its quality. It must be that the higher the hardness of the tile, the longer it will be used. The detection method is to use the water chestnuts of the two tiles to collide with each other and then observe the scratches or powder on the tiles. The powder indicates that the hardness is low, and it is not recommended to buy.

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