How to choose tiles for new house decoration?

by:MUZZI Tile     2022-10-11

The choice of tiles is the most important part of home decoration, and the quality of tiles is related to the overall living environment experience. So how to choose tiles for new house decoration?

1. Observe the color. In an environment with better lighting conditions, observe whether the color of the brick surface is bright, whether the lines are clear, and whether the colors of the same color number are consistent. You can put several polished tiles together and examine them carefully in the light. No obvious color difference, no pinholes, black spots, scratches and other defects on the surface of the bricks. Note whether the mirror effect is strong. The lighter the hardness of the product, the higher the degree of vitrification, the better the degree of sintering, and the lower the water absorption.

2. Listen to the sound, tap the brick body with your hand, and carefully identify whether the sound is crisp and pleasant. If there is metal sound quality, the brick body has high density and good sintering. If the brick body is rough and dull, the brick body has a low sintering degree and low density. If the knocking sound is hoarse, this polished tile is an inferior product, and even the body of the tile may crack.

3. Choose a style. Any home renovation will have an inherent decoration style. According to these decoration styles, we can decide what kind of decoration materials the house should choose. Therefore, the tiles in the living room should be determined before decoration.

4. Materials are the key point, so the living room is a place where people often move around, so we should consider its practicality. We can choose glass fossil tiles. Because it is durable, bright and easy to clean, it will be more practical in a large living room.

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