How to choose tiles for decoration?

by:MUZZI Tile     2022-09-18

Ceramic tiles are used in many places in the home. Not only is it easy to clean, but more importantly, there are many types of tiles that we can choose from. So how to choose tiles for decoration?

1. Identification of the embryonic body Carefully observe the embryonic body of the tile and see that the color of the tile is too dark, and its particle size is large, and the quality of this style of tile is very poor. If the color of the embryonic body of the tile is light and the particle size is relatively fine, the quality of the tile is good.

2. Levelness When purchasing tiles, you can take a few tiles and place them on the same level ground to see if there will be unevenness between the tiles. If there are tiles of inferior quality, you should be careful when buying them. cheated.

3. The anti-seepage ability of the selected style of tiles can randomly find two tiles, and put the water droplets on the back of the tiles to see if they will spread, if the water droplets do not spread, the anti-seepage effect of this tile is very good, and the high-density tiles There will be better quality.

4. Knock test There is the simplest detection method for the purchase of ceramic tiles, which is to tap the tiles with your hands to see if the sound is crisp and pleasant. If so, the quality of the tiles you purchased is very good.

5. When choosing a wear-resistant tile, you can use a small metal object such as a key to scratch the surface of the tile slightly to see if there will be scratches. Good quality tiles will not have scratches. occur.

6. Burning the tile surface The glazed surface of the tile can be burned with a cigarette butt to see what the temperature resistance of the tile is. If the tar after burning can be easily wiped off, this tile is of good quality.

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