How to choose the right tiles?

by:MUZZI Tile     2022-07-30

For ordinary families, how to choose the right tiles is really important. To be good-looking and cost-effective, you must remember the following principles” Don't be easily fooled by sales. When most of the tiles are selected, the quality of the tiles is only to see if they are thick or not resistant to falling. In fact, the key is to look at the details:

1. Look at a tile with a good appearance, its glaze color must be uniform, the texture is cleaned, there is no color difference, no obvious impurities, you can feel the surface is smooth when you touch it by hand; the surrounding of the tile is relatively regular, and There will also be an arrow indicating the direction of the paving on the back.

2. Look at the water absorption rate The water absorption rate of the tile is a very important detail, and most people will not notice it, but if the water absorption rate of the tile is large, it means that its density is small, and it is easy to absorb water in daily use when mopping the floor. There will be a peculiar smell or a fishy smell, so choose a tile with a higher density; when judging the water absorption rate, you can look at its water absorption speed, and use water to drip on the back of the tile to see how fast the water droplets spread and the degree of absorption. The slower the higher the density and the better the quality.

3. Listen to the sound and hit the surface of the tile with a hard object. If the sound is clear, it means that the magnetization degree of the tile is high and the quality is good; if the sound is dull, the quality is not very good.

4. In addition to the brand, the quality of the size tiles is also different in terms of grades; many qualified products and inferior products will have differences in size, which means that after paving, the gaps between the tiles will be different. It will be ugly if it is not listed; so when choosing bricks or after the tiles are delivered to your home, you can unpack a box and carefully measure the size of each piece. The smaller the size difference, the better. How to choose the right tiles is introduced here. If you want to know more about the purchase of tiles, you can pay attention.

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