How to choose the quality of tiles

by:MUZZI Tile     2022-10-13

When choosing a tile, what's a good way for you to determine its quality? When we buy, in fact, we can also help you choose high-quality tiles in some effective ways and help you eliminate inferior products. So how to choose the quality of tiles?

1. In this way, the dripping test can be effectively distinguished, drop the water on the back of the tile, and carefully observe the area and speed of the water diffusion. If the tile absorbs water relatively slowly, the density of the tile is relatively high and can be called a good tile.

2. But if the water absorption is slow and the density is loose, the quality of this type of product is not particularly good. Because according to national regulations, the water absorption rate of the selected floor tiles should be above 0.5%, but if it is controlled below 3%, it means qualified. The water absorption rate of wall tiles should be greater than 3% and less than 12% to be qualified products.

3. After testing its water absorption, you can directly check the pattern of the tile, and whether the pattern is relatively clear and whether there is any inconsistency. If there are different areas that are not particularly large, this tile is worth buying.

4. Another method is to prepare a piece on the tile surface to see if there are scratches or powder. If it is not easy to scratch, it means that the quality is better and belongs to the top grade.

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