How to choose the floor tiles for the large living room?

by:MUZZI Tile     2022-08-07

1. Specifications and models If the total area of the large living room exceeds 30 square meters, it should be 80 times;80cm brick, below this total area, you can choose 60cm× Specifications and models within 60cm, but not less than 40cm×40cm. Large-scale model floor tiles can make the house spacious and atmospheric, with a wide line of sight. However, large-scale floor tiles are not in harmony with the specifications of the bedroom if the large-scale floor tiles are inlaid on a small-scale road; on the contrary, if a large-scale road is paved with small-scale floor tiles, the room will look congested and cumbersome.

2. The first feeling of the large living room is that it is clean and tidy, which makes people feel relaxed and happy. Therefore, light-colored floor tiles are particularly suitable for use in large living rooms, such as milky white and light beige. People with high hygiene requirements can choose single-color floor tiles to make the visual effect more comfortable, but it must take a lot of time and time to clean up. For those who are busy at work and refuse to spend their spare time cleaning, they can choose floor tiles with a bit of texture or particles.

3. Material: Polished tiles are wear-resistant, bright, and easy to clean. They are especially good choices for pavement in large living rooms; some people like to use antique tiles. The colors of antique tiles are colorful and reflect individuality, but the tone is usually darker. There is also a certain degree of difficulty in cleaning; it is best not to use stone materials, not only the cost is relatively high, the color is single, and most of them have radioactive substances, and the surface smoothness and wear resistance are also very low, generally used in large-scale public places.

4. The pavement in the large living room should be less decorated. Concise and smooth is always the theme style. Excessive bells and whistles are very easy to fall out of date. The foundation line is to be done. Because the wall is generally made of architectural paint, and the position where the paint and the floor are connected often touches the feet of the study furniture and people, it is very easy to get dirty and damaged, and it is made of polished tiles. After the baseline can prevent this problem, make the large living room more beautiful and generous.

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