How to choose suitable floor tiles?

by:MUZZI Tile     2022-07-23

Different types of floor tiles have different main uses and home improvement effects. When people are designing home decoration, they deal with a variety of floor tiles and usually do not know which one to choose. Which kind of floor tile is beautiful and cost-effective for interior decoration and appearance? Now, let us say what is a glazed tile, what is a glazed tile, and what is the difference between a glazed tile and a polished tile. How can you choose the right residential floor tiles for you?

What is a glazed tile glazed tile mainly refers to the brick that has added enamel during the firing process. The glazed tile is mainly divided into two types: clay and porcelain. The glazed tiles made of clay fired are bright red on the back, while the glazed tiles made of clay fired are gray behind. The surface texture and pattern design of the glazed tiles are very colorful, and they are often used as the decorative design of the walls in the room. The glazed layer of the polished glazed tile has good stain resistance.

Advantages and disadvantages of polished glazed tiles There are many specifications and types of polished glazed tiles. The color and pattern design is colorful and easy to clean. The polished glazed tiles are mostly used in the decoration of the walls and roads in the room. Compared with other bricks, the glazed tile has a very good ground slip resistance and good water resistance. However, the wear resistance of glazed tiles is weaker than that of gender-specific bricks, and the glazed tiles are prone to pinholes in the whole process of firing. Cracks, etc. What is glazed tile polished tile is made by grinding and polishing raw materials under high-temperature conditions through production and processing.

Glazed tile is a type of glazed tile, which is polished and polished from the body of the whole body of brick. The surface layer of glazed tiles is very bright, and it is mostly used for decoration of residential walls and living balconies. With the development of science and technology of the times, glazed tiles can make a variety of decorative practical effects, such as imitation stone, imitation wood guardrail,s, and other decorative design practical effects.

The advantages and disadvantages of glazed tiles The production of glazed tiles is realized under high-temperature conditions, and high temperatures can volatilize and remove chemical substances that are harmful to the body, so glazed tiles are very green and environmentally friendly transformation of physical and mental health. Glazed tiles have a small color cast, relatively large compressive strength, good wear resistance, light brick body, and very good anti-slip properties.

However, when glazed tiles are made, there will be convex and concave air holes, which are very difficult to clean up when they are stained with waste, and the color type and decorative pattern of glazed tiles are relatively single compared to gender-specific tiles.

The difference between glazed tiles and polished tiles:

1. Flower pattern design. The glazed layer of the glazed tile can be made into a variety of graphic patterns, and the color of the glaze layer is also more colorful and beautiful. Therefore, the color pattern design of the glazed tile is various, while the variety of the color pattern design of the glazed tile is relatively single.

2. Wear resistance. The wear resistance of polished glazed tiles is weaker than that of glazed tiles.

3. Application areas. The glazed tiles are used in the interior decoration of the walls and pavements in the restaurant, kitchen and toilet in the decoration of the living room, while the glazed tiles are mostly used in the decoration of the walls and floors of the residential interior spaces such as service halls, aisles and living balconies. If you want to know more about tile knowledge, you can pay attention. Ceramic tiles, high-end ceramic tile custom home, 23 years of quality adherence, the choice of 20 million high-end families, if you use good bricks for decoration, just choose ceramic tiles.

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