How to choose kitchen and bathroom tiles?

by:MUZZI Tile     2022-06-30

How to buy ceramic tiles that are worth your money and what you want. When choosing kitchen and bathroom tiles, you must first find out the types of kitchen and bathroom tiles, and choose them according to your needs and actual conditions. There are also several basic principles to follow in the selection.

Before choosing the quality of specific tiles, we must first determine the style and type of ceramic tiles.

1. Determine the tile style

Choosing the design style of the tiles is the first step in the selection of decoration materials and plays a decisive role. However, many consumers do not pay attention to the choice of tiles due to the small space of the kitchen and bathroom. In fact, the color and paving method of the tiles can affect the overall visual effect of the kitchen and bathroom.

After confirming the whole home decoration style, choose tiles. Different styles will have different collocations. The picture above shows the kitchen model of the ceramic shop, which can be seen to be retro European style. Therefore, after determining the style, choose tiles to make the decoration style of the whole home uniform.

2. Distinguish the types of tiles

After determining the style of the selected tiles, the next step is to distinguish the types of tiles. According to the shopping guide of Loulan Ceramics, the ceramic tiles on the market are mainly divided into glazed tiles and polished tiles. Glazed tiles are mostly used in kitchens and bathrooms, and polished tiles are mostly used in living rooms. Only by knowing the types of tiles can you not be fooled when choosing tiles.

3. Choose suitable material

The kitchen and bathroom are places where water is easily generated, which makes the floor very slippery. In order to ensure safety and health, it is best to choose a rough surface for kitchen and bathroom tiles to increase friction and achieve the anti-slip effect. The shopping guide advises consumers that it is best to choose tiles with better materials, because tile decoration is different from wood floor decoration, and it is very troublesome to re-decorate tiles. It is best to decorate in place at one time.

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