How to choose high-quality tiles?

by:MUZZI Tile     2022-09-14

Buying ceramic tiles is also knowledge. Although ceramic tiles of the same price look the same, the quality may be different. When purchasing, please keep your eyes open and see clearly.

1. Look at the brand logo The regular brand tile has the brand logo printed on the bottom blank. If there is no logo, it proves that the tile is a product of unknown origin, do not buy it. In theory, it is easy to fake tile packaging, difficult and expensive to fake the logo, and no manufacturer will make a joke of their own brand, so it is the best choice to recognize the brand's logo.

2. Look at the place of origin to buy ceramic tiles, and only recognize the ceramic tiles produced in Guangdong. Its materials and production technology are better and have a good reputation. Generally speaking, as long as the production address and marketing address printed on the package is in Guangdong, it means that the ceramic tile is 100% Guangdong ceramic tile. The marketing address is Guangdong, which does not mean that Guangdong produces ceramic tiles, nor does it necessarily mean Guangdong ceramic tiles. The company's registered address is in Guangdong, which does not mean that the production address is in Guangdong, nor does it necessarily mean Guangdong ceramic tiles.

3. Look at the grade of ceramic tiles according to their grades. There are excellent products. First-class products, excellent products are qualified ceramic tiles, and first-class products are excellent and eliminated products with small defects. For example small black spots. Small trachoma. Slight color difference or slightly poor flatness. Therefore, first-class products are preferred for buying ceramic tiles, AAA products and AA products are selected, and first-class products are not. I don't know if it is a first-class product or a first-class product when buying a tile. You can see the label, which is usually on the box. When buying, please keep your eyes open to avoid being deceived.

4. Look at the water absorption rate The lower the water absorption rate of the tile, the higher the density of the tile, the higher the hardness, and the more resistant to scrubbing. The higher the water absorption rate of the tile, the looser the density of the tile blank, which is easy to absorb water. When the tile thermally expands and contracts, it may cause the surface to crack or even fall off. Therefore, the first choice for home improvement tiles is non-absorbent tiles or tiles with low water absorption.

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