How to choose: Five quality and shortcomings of ceramic floor tiles

by:MUZZI Tile     2022-08-06

1. The wall is hollowed out

The key factors are the unevenness of the bottom layer. The fine brick soil is not eliminated before the construction of the project. The bottom layer or ceramic floor tiles are excessively dry. The cement mortar is not delicate during the construction of the project. Solution: Solve the bottom layer, remove the fine soil on the surface layer before watering and wetting the wall, and soak the putty in tap water evenly. Tap it with a mallet after proper sticking.

2. Gap

The key factor is that the ceramic floor tile has high water absorption or the batch of putty is too thick. Carelessness in shipping can also lead to gaps. Solution: Choose ceramic floor tile mixed mortar with water absorption of less than 18%, and be cautious when transporting it. It cannot be too thick or too thin.

3. The gap is uneven

The key factor is that the quality of ceramic floor tiles is not high, the specifications and models are different, the specification deviation is large, and their use of them during construction is unreasonable. Solution: Strictly supervise the selection, and calibrate immediately after each line is pasted. Level the ground.

4. Fear

The key factor is that the quality is weak. The glaze layer is too thin, and the poor actual operation is also the key reason. Solution: Strict selection of raw materials, application of neat soaked ceramic floor tiles, and timely removal of residual cement mortar on the surface of tiles during actual operation.

5. Grooving agent dirty the surface

Accidentally sticking to the surface of the ceramic floor tile when refilling, which is harmful to the appearance. Solution: After filling, wipe off the parts that stick to the surface immediately. The special cleaning solution for ceramic floor tiles can wipe off the residual ditch agent.

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