How to choose brand tiles?

by:MUZZI Tile     2022-09-09

The current ceramic tile market is a mixed bag, with counterfeit goods. OEM goods are everywhere. When purchasing branded ceramic tiles, pay special attention to the following points.

1. Confirm that it is genuine, and avoid buying fake brand tiles. There are 3 points to confirm the authenticity. The first is to look at the bottom mark of the tile, which is the logo mark. The second is to look at the trademark on the carton. Third, look at the sales store logo. As long as the trademarks of the three points are consistent, they can be confirmed as genuine licensed.

2. Look at the color number of tiles. The current production technology cannot solve the problem of color difference between products of the same specification and the same model. Therefore, as long as the tiles are different in batches, there will be a little color difference. Therefore, when buying brand tiles, you need to choose tiles of the same batch and color number and calculate the tile breakage rate. Buy enough at one time, and return it if you can't use it. If you buy less replenishment, the batches may be different, and there may be color differences.

3. Buy first-class products, buy first-class AAA tiles or AA tiles, do not buy first-class products. 4. Look for the CCC mark The CCC mark is essential, do not buy it if you don't have it. 5. Production address If there is only a marketing address on the package and no specific production address, it proves that the tile is an OEM or a three-no product. How to choose brand tiles is introduced here. If you want to know more about ceramic tiles, you can pay attention.

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