How to choose bathroom floor tiles?

by:MUZZI Tile     2022-08-17

Floor tiles are a very important part of bathroom waterproofing. How to choose bathroom floor tiles? The purchase of bathroom tiles must follow four index values. Let's go to Mianyang Decoration Network to see which four index values to follow.

The selection index value of bathroom floor tiles is 1: water absorption of floor tiles. The first thing to pay attention to when purchasing floor tiles for indoor space of sanitary ware is its water absorption. Generally speaking, high-quality floor tiles have low water absorption, which can dry quickly. If the floor tiles are not marked with water absorption, you can use tea or water droplets on the reverse side of the floor tiles. After a few minutes, check the spread level of the water droplets. The less moisture absorption, the lower the water absorption and the better the quality.

The selection index value of bathroom floor tiles is 2: the relative density of floor tile materials. The floor tiles purchased for the indoor space of sanitary ware are more stringent for the product quality standards of the ceramic tiles themselves. In the case of purchasing floor tiles, you can check from the side whether the wall tiles are leveled and whether there are uneven pinholes. At the same time, you can knock on the floor tiles to hear whether the sound is brittle.

Toilet floor tile selection index value 3: When purchasing the glazing level of wall tiles, it can be distinguished according to the thickness of the glazed surface of the floor tiles. The surface of the brick can be scratched with a hard object, if scratches occur, it indicates insufficient glazing. Until the thinner glaze on the surface of the floor tiles is polished, the wall tiles are very easy to hide dirt and dirt, which is difficult to remove and lacks a safety factor. And some unglazed floor tiles are generally not suitable for laying in the cold and wet and airtight natural environment. Because the exhaust port on the brick cannot absorb water and gas and cannot converge, it will also cause the occurrence of Aspergillus flavus.

The selection index value of bathroom floor tiles is four: tile color The color of bathroom floor tiles may first be selected according to the overall design style of the bathroom, followed by the color you like. However, for the vast majority of small-sized houses at present, the color of the bathroom floor tiles should be light-colored floor tiles as as possible, and it is not necessary to choose black or dark brown. Light colors can reflect the actual effect of the field of vision from the light source, making the bathroom look cleaner and tidy. Fully considering the uniqueness of the bathroom, customers must pay attention to many areas when purchasing floor tiles, whether it is the color or quality of the floor tiles.

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