How to choose antique tile specifications during home decoration

by:MUZZI Tile     2022-08-02

If you have a better understanding of the home decoration and home building materials market, you will find that the products on the home building materials market are really numerous and abundant. Needless to say, there will be many brands and models in the antique tile sales market. Makes you overwhelmed and overwhelmed.

You need to choose the products that suit your affection from the antique tile sales market, but it really takes a lot of thinking. The author will tell us how to choose the specifications of antique tiles in home decoration. Large living room antique tile specifications choose a large living room, but all home decoration cardiovascular, home improvement effect can be reflected in its body, so the selection of large living room antique tiles must be in line with the overall layout and size of the bedroom supporting facilities.

Generally speaking, if the total area of the house is more than 40 square meters, you need to choose bricks with a capacity of 80*80cm or more, and if the total area of the bedroom is below 30 square meters, you need to choose bricks with smaller specifications. In addition to the living room, The paving of tiles should be dominated by a whole piece, and cutting should be avoided as much as possible to reduce excess consumption.

The selection of antique tile specifications for restaurant kitchens is due to the fact that the total area of the restaurant kitchen is very small, and there are more objects placed in it, so the area that can be displayed in front of people is even smaller. Therefore, when choosing antique tiles, you need to choose some tiles with smaller specifications. , In order to prevent a lot of unnecessary consumption and maintain the flexibility of home improvement effects, PK stone or LD porcelain antique tiles can be used, which can reduce the inconvenience caused by laser cutting and other decoration projects.

Bathroom Antique Tile Specifications Selection of bathroom In the process of selecting antique tiles, the total area of the bathroom needs to be considered first. In general, the total area of the toilet pavement is very small, and the specifications of 30*30 or 60*60 can be used. Pick a slightly smaller size. Antique tiles for wall decoration can be similar in size to large living room or bedroom tiles, as long as they look harmonious and beautiful.

TV background wall antique tile specifications Select some existing interior decoration customers, while laying floor tiles, they also use some small-scale antique tiles to decorate the background wall, which has beautiful practical effects. Environmental wall bricks are generally selected according to the needs of environmental design concepts. The specifications are generally relatively small. There are many applications of bricks with a size of 10CM or smaller. Sometimes, small shapes such as squares, strips,s or prisms may be used. The size of the bricks are applied in conjunction with each other, and it is very time-consuming to pave, but the actual effect is definitely good.

All in all, it is a very difficult decision to choose the specifications of antique tiles for home decoration. You must be careful when choosing. After reading the common problems that I have introduced in detail, it is best to listen to interior designers. recommendations, and then make a decision.

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