Furniture wood floors or wall tiles? Comparison of the pros and cons of furniture, wood floors and wall tiles

by:MUZZI Tile     2022-08-15

Furniture wood floors have many significant advantages: beautiful, durable, comfortable, warm, good heat transfer performance, environmental protection, physical and mental health, anti-noise floor, anti-skid, suitable price, and simple assembly. The solid road will make people feel uncomfortable. In public places with a high wear rate, in order to ensure the wear-resistant service life of the road, a hard floor material has to be used, and the dormitory areas such as residences use furniture and wooden floors with good ductility. Feel comfortable, and can greatly reduce the impact noise on the concrete floor, solve the problem of excessive noise from the source, and make the house warmer and calmer. Generally speaking, the price of composite solid wood flooring products of medium and high-end well-known brands is between 90 and 120 yuan per square meter.

The price of floor tiles of medium and high-end well-known brands is between 150 and 250 yuan per square meter. Opinion discussion: The wooden floor has the characteristics of beauty and durability, and the purely natural wood species can effectively express a person's life taste. When you see this, do you think furniture and wood floors are better or wall tiles are better? Don't rush to conclusions, let's take a look at the 5 major advantages of floor tiles.

There are 5 key reasons for people who prefer floor tiles: very easy to remove, easy to maintain, not easy to hide dirt, no air pollution sources; long service life generally can be used for 10-20 years; fire prevention It has good safety, moisture-proof and anti-corrosion functions; environmental protection; rich and colorful design. Opinion discussion: If you want sufficient convenience, then choose floor tiles. In any home building materials market, floor tiles of several specifications, various colors, and various pattern designs are sold. With a piece of floor tiles, you can make up your own expectations for family life. And the floor tiles are very convenient to clean, just swipe and wipe to make it very clean.

Floor tiles do not need to worry about getting wet with water or scratching by hard objects. The advantages of good wooden floors or good wall tile Analysis Conclusion: enjoyment of suitable VS simple and suitable furniture The disadvantages of good wooden floors or good floor tiles are revealed to understand the 5 disadvantages of wooden floors There are 5 reasons for abandoning the choice of floor tiles: Temperature and temperature hazards are relatively large; regular maintenance is required; it is easy to deform and warp after immersion in water; there is formaldehyde release; the service life is relatively short.

Opinion discussion: furniture and wood floors do have the advantages of being beautiful, of course, comfortable on the feet, and good thermal insulation function. Happiness usually requires a lot of work. Furniture and wood floors are very easy to deform and warp and are not easy to clean. Wood floors also need maintenance. Understand the 4 shortcomings of floor tiles There are 4 key shortcomings of floor tiles: home application comfort, poor thermal insulation ability; limited application scope; radioactive contamination of some floor tiles; relatively high cost, complicated laying and engineering construction, only working hours The fee needs to be 35-40 yuan / square meter. Commentary: The floor tiles are hard on the soles of the feet and do not feel so warm.

Especially in wet and cold climates, it is very easy to deviate, and the application range of floor tiles is limited. The price of polished glazed tiles is equivalent to 30 yuan per square meter, and the price of polished glazed tiles is equivalent to 50 yuan per square meter. At this stage, the price of domestic floor tiles can be as high as 500 yuan per square meter. In addition, the cost of auxiliary materials and labor must also be laid, which is about 35-40 yuan per square meter. The furniture, wooden floor, or wall tiles are good. In the end, is it better for furniture and wood floors or wall tiles? I firmly believe that readers have made a distinction according to their own hobbies and specific interior decoration. Whether you choose furniture, wood floors, or floor tiles, the most important thing is to have greater use value for our living and home!

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