Floor tiles buying tips

by:MUZZI Tile     2022-08-30

At present, there are countless types of floor tiles on the market, and it is very easy for customers to pick and choose. Today, I will introduce some methods of purchasing floor tiles to you, and I look forward to helping you all.

1. Look at the appearance of the floor tiles, the color should be well-proportioned, the surface smoothness and flatness are better, the nearby standard, and the pattern design is detailed, take out four or five pieces from a box to observe whether there are any defects such as color difference, deformation, lack of edges and corners.

2. Listen to the sound and tap with a hard object. The crisper the sound, the higher the porcelain level and the better the quality. You can also put your right thumb, ring finger, and middle thumb on a corner of the floor tile, hang it loosely and tap the upper part of the floor tile with your index finger.

3. In the water seepage test, the water droplets can be placed on the opposite side of the wall tiles to see the speed of infiltration after the water dissipates. Generally speaking, the slower the moisture absorption, the higher the relative density of the floor tiles; the faster the moisture absorption, the less relative density, among which The quality is better than the former one.

4. The higher the accuracy of measuring the bottom length of floor tiles, the better the effect after paving. Buying high-quality floor tiles is not only very easy to construct but also saves construction time and auxiliary materials. Use a meter ruler to accurately measure whether there is any difference in the size of a floor tile, and the one with high accuracy is the best product. In addition, to observe the strength of floor tiles, the best products are excellent hardness, strong ductility, and not easy to break.

Use the scraps of the floor tiles to scratch each other, and check whether the broken fragments are fine or loose, hard, brittle or too soft, with scratches or scattered powder. One is good quality, and the latter one is poor quality. Although the quality of floor tiles in the sales market is uneven, if you understand the purchase method, pay more attention when purchasing, a high-quality floor tile that suits you, or it will not be too difficult to pick.

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